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About Our Assignment Help Services

Proofread Your Documents with the best proofreading services:

Proofreading is not child’s play and academic proofreading services are always in demand. Proofreading UK services will help you to perform a cautious reading of any document which has not yet been printed because the aim of this exercise is to detect mistakes in spelling, grammar, style and typographical errors.

  • At, we strive to help you proofread documents thoroughly so that all the elements in its layout like the paragraphs and headlines, colours and illustrations have the right dimensions and placement.
  • We ensure that the facts or arguments you use in your writing are corroborated by evidence and backed by trustworthy references.
  • We will help you stay focussed on the main theme so that you do not drift away and start including irrelevant data in your write-up.

Why can be your best guide for proofreading in the UK:

  • We want your documents to be free from errors and plagiarism and have hired the finest writers and subject matter experts to help students in proofreading.
  • We will search for grammatical mistakes, run-on sentences, typographical errors, quotation marks and punctuation marks, sentence fragments and lengths, subject and verb disagreements, comma usage, spelling errors, apostrophe usage, tenses and capitalization, the organisation of sentences etc.
  • We have conducted academic proofreading in the past and out track record have been impeccable.
  • We have more than 500 professional proofreading experts working for us and they have many years of experience behind them.
  • Our proofreading agency employs writers who will conform to all guidelines set by you and they are proficient when it comes to proofreading documents written using any referencing style.
  • You can get proofreading assistance from us any time of the day or night because we are available 24×7.
  • For quality proofreading in London, you can safely trust our expertise because we are trained to proofread different kinds of documents, whether essays or assignment or even dissertations.
  • In case you are not satisfied with the proofread document and wish to include more changes, our experts will rework on it again and make these changes free of cost.
  • Our proofreading rates in the UK are extremely affordable because we understand that our clients are students and they may not be able to afford exorbitant prices for proofreading services. We are keen to have our clients come back to us for proofreading in the future.

Subjects you can get academic proofreading services:

Our proofreading experts can help you edit and proofread all kinds of write-ups, whether you have written essays or assignments, thesis or dissertations. We have qualified subject matter experts with specialised knowledge and training to help you proofread and edit documents in the following:

Management: Whether you are writing an assignment on market behaviour or consumer behaviour, employee retention or business organisation, we can help you proofread your articles.

  • Business Management
  • Personnel Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • IT Management

Engineering: You can enjoy our English proofreading services when you write essays and assignments on different topics in engineering like electronic circuits and optical fibres, aerospace products, energy systems, compressors, weapons systems etc.

  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Electronic and Electrical Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Computer Science Engineering

Computers: When you have written essays on topics like databases, programming or application software, you can seek professional proofreading services to proofread your essay.

  • Nursing
  • Art/Design
  • Psychology
  • Mathematics

Science: Whether it is photosynthesis or microorganisms, Newton’s laws of motion or chemical reactions, you can depend on our subject matter experts for the best proofreading help.

  • Biology
  • Microbiology
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Architecture

Social Sciences: Professional services are being provided to students doing essays on social studies, history, linguistics, geography.

  • History
  • Social Studies
  • Language
  • Geography

How can you proofread your own documents?

Proofreading is an examination of any given text at hand to identify errors, grammatical, structural and logical, in order to make the writing completely flawless. There are easy tricks to ensure that you can proofread easily without seeking assistance from professional proofreading agencies.

  • It is recommended that you do not start making corrections at the word level or at the sentence level right at the start; there may be far compelling errors in the focus and organisation of the entire write-up.
  • You must eliminate irrelevant words prior to searching for errors in the document. You can seek reference from online tutorials and guides to understand how to write clear, concise and direct sentences.
  • Before you start proofreading any writing, it is wise to set aside the text in hand for a while after you have finished writing it. This time gap helps you detect errors faster when you return to the text.
  • You can use guidelines of professors to know what kind of mistakes you should be scouring for.
  • Proofreading should always be done on a print-out and never on the computer screen.
  • A good way to find errors quickly is to read the sentences aloud; this helps you identify run-on sentences and enables you to pick out flaws which might get overlooked when you only read a text.
  • You can cover the part of the document which you are not editing to be able to focus on the task better.
  • If you think you can make multiple errors, it is best to start searching for them separately, starting with those that are most critical and ending with the lesser significant ones.
  • For those not confident about this exercise, a class or a workshop in proofreading may be a great way to learn.
  • You can use some of the online tools which are available for students. The best one we would recommend would be Turnitin (write check). It will not only give you suggested correction of English Grammar/ sentence correction but also a detailed plagiarism report. Another good one would be You can use its browser extension and it will give you English corrections for FREE

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Who are your experts?

We have full time as well as contractual PhDs who work with us as subject matter experts. For all the subjects we take, we have a team of subject matter experts. We recruit only PhDs and post graduate gold medalists from top notch universities across the globe. They also undergo a performance test before being finally recruited as our Subject Matter Experts.

Can I request an expert from a specific country to work on my assignment?

Yes. Since we have both full time and as well as experts on contract from across the globe, you can ask for an expert from any specific country. However, it might (or might not) affect the quote.

What if I am not satisfied with your solution?

We are committed to delivering quality and it would be almost rare when you feel unsatisfied with our solution, but if you still are, then we will be undergoing FREE REWORK as per your suggestions. However, your suggestion should be in sync with your initial request. If your suggestions are different from what you have requested earlier, then it would be liable for extra charges. All responses are addressed within a maximum time interval of 24 hours. In case it is urgent or the deadline is very close it is handled on a high priority basis.

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