Wollstonecraft’ Perception of women
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Wollstonecraft’ Perception of women


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Based on the Wollstonecraft reading in the reader (p9-11), Explain how Wollstonecraft perceives women to be 'degraded' in her day by traditional attitudes on how they (woman) should behave.



'Vindication of the Rights of Woman' was a feministic literary work written by Mary Wollstonecraft. Through this work the author discussed the need to invoke new standards in the society for woman, such that they can rise above their roles as a nurturer. Through this work Wollstonecraft responds to the political and educational theorists and commemorates that education is the stepping stone for women empowerment. Through this paper, Wollstonecraft and her perspective of the women' degradation in the society are studied. It is countered that the comprehension of their responsibility is vital for women to serve as a collective being in the society.


Degradation of woman

A Vindication of the Rights of Woman reflects how woman are oppressed in society, and are concurred as meeker members. The essay projects women as human beings first and a gender second, which allows Wollstonecraft to question the reasons for limiting demands of the women within a society. Traditionally, woman is considered as a fairer sex, a gentler being and a timid personality, and this perception limits their aspiration as per Wollstonecraft (p.9). Through the first chapter the author speaks of the deleterious effects of the man dominated society that has rendered woman in the role of a temptress, and the acceptance of such conformity by woman.

Wollstonecraft argues that the woman are considered subordinates in this society and merely an object of desire, or an amusement for the men. At some level these women are to be blamed as they have absolved themselves in the notion of grace and feminity proposed by the men. Yet at other, Wollstonecraft blames the tradition and the structure of the society that prompts this frivolity of women. She argues that woman are not allowed to rise above the social ladder through means beyond marriage, and even then, they are expected to be dressed and present themselves as feminine beings as opposed to companions (p.10). Through this work, Wollstonecraft argues that woman are expected to cultivate artificiality and ability to please within themselves, and are seldom expected to be independent beings.

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