Web Analytics Assessment
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Web Analytics Assessment


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Assume you are a marketing analyst working for the British Airways company. Your manager would like to find your insights and recommendations to help the Digital Marketing team to improve the existing integrated digital marketing strategy of the company. After discussing with your manager, he asked you to write a report that will include your recommendations that will ensure the increase in the performance of the business.



Airlines have become a lucrative industry attributed to the explosive growth in air travel, the numbers of which are mind-boggling. With the advent of technology, the customer pathway commences with on-screen on a computer or a mobile and ends with return along with intact luggage and memorable experiences. The application of digitized innovative practices has brought positive impacts on the stakeholders including customers. Leading global airlines are consistently investing in innovative social media campaigns to ensure customer engagement to improve loyalty and brand recall (ThinnkWithGoogle, 2010). For instance, Virgin Atlantic's (VA) 'Looking for Linda', and British Airways' 'Perfect Days' are examples of leveraging social media airlines. With the growth of new technologies, it is significant for companies to assess their impact on them and increase their adaptability to be relevant. There is a growth in online sale of airline tickets through online travel agencies and airline websites which have penetrated the market share of traditional channels. According to a SITA report, around 92% of customers are comfortable with technology use and utilize self-service channels such as websites and mobile applications (Karp & Paylor, 2016).


Under this backdrop, British Airways Plc is a UK-based scheduled air services providers for passengers and cargo internationally. Its other product and service offerings include airline marketing, healthcare, aircraft leasing, engineering, bond, finance, trust, call center, insurance, transport, and ground services, and tours. Around 290 aircrafts are operated reaching 200 destinations across 80 countries around the world (Bloomberg, 2018). Operating under a tough business environment with fierce competitors, British Airways has planned to retain its focus on resolving immediate crisis and prepare the company for future. Accordingly, it has mapped out a long-term vision 'to be the airline of choice with personalised service, exceptional reliability, a digital mind-set and unique British style' (British Airways, 2017). 

BA is an avid adopter of new technologies. This is evident from the role IT investments played in boosting its profits by 20% despite the rise in fuel prices and increasing competition from no-frills airlines. It has utilized technology to streamlines its business processes, reduce complexity and as a step towards cost reduction. Adoption of technology has improved its quality of operations and simplified and standardized through efficiency.

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