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Virtualization with respect to VMware - Expert Assignment Help


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The purpose of this assignment is to develop skills in critical thinking and understanding of Networked Applications Management (NAM). This assignment will provide scope to explore and learn working mechanisms of cutting-edge tools and technologies in regards to NAM. Student will develop the skills of critically understanding the underlying possible details of a chosen topic, and these skills are to make them conversant with possible NAM related practice and processes to apply their learning and understanding to problems. The assignment will also require attention to relate networked application protocols with the underlying networked infrastructure with a view to managing networked applications. This assignment will provide students with an opportunity to demonstrate the evolutionary knowledge and skills towards understanding the domain of cutting edge distributed systems. A group will select a topic to explore its designated areas as presented in the following table. If a group of two students can collaborate on the areas of a topic, there must have clear descriptions of individual contribution and collaborative contribution.

Choose any ONE Topic.

  1. Virtualization with respect to VmWare:- Explore   Virtualisation,   Virtual   Machines,   and Architecture   of   Virtual   Machines   along   with protocols, techniques, and frameworks for Networked Application Management (NAM).
  2. Server Virtualization:- Explore   Server   Virtualization   and   its   relevant middleware, and corresponding protocols for NAM. How does Server Virtualization benefit IT services over Non-Server-Virtualization?
  3. Platform Virtualization:- Explore  Platform  Virtualization  and  its  relevant middleware, and corresponding protocols for NAM. How does Platform Virtualization benefit IT services over Non- Platform -Virtualization?
  4. Desktop Virtualization:- Explore  Desktop  Virtualization  and  its  relevant middleware, and corresponding protocols for NAM. How does Desktop Virtualization benefit IT services over Non- Desktop -Virtualization?



The concept of virtualisation is highly emphasised in the IT industry due to its association with the sustainability of business operations [1]. Organisations are increasingly opting for virtualisation to restrict power consumption, limit emissions from air conditioning and reduced space and land usage which are closely interlinked with the growth in the size of the server farm [2]. Simplification of operations and increase responsiveness to business conditions are also the major drivers of virtualisation. It offers the ease of availability of essential applications and assists in streamlining the rollout and the transition to new applications. Further, political implications related to global warming requires superior practices of corporate citizenship to attain the targets for greenhouse gas reductions is an added advantage for the growth in virtualisation [3]. In this backdrop, this report explores the concept of virtualisation with respect to VMware through its architecture, protocols, techniques and frameworks for Networked Application Management.


Virtualisation, Types and Benefits

The major limitation of an IT organisation is the deployment of X86 servers which are capable of running a single operating system and application at a given point of time [4].  This results in deploying a large number of servers for data centres which are reported to operate at only 5% to 15% of capacity, a highly substandard operating capacity. Virtualisation is the process of utilising software to create a representation of the existing physical components through the formation of a virtual computer [5]. It is applicable to software applications, hardware components, storage and IT networking. It is considered as one of the effective approaches to reduce IT expenditure and at the same, enhance the business performance to be efficient and agile, irrespective of its size.

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