The Impact of IT on Tourism Industry
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The Impact of IT on Tourism Industry


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Task 4: Report

You are required to produce your own report on a topic area focusing on a contemporary issue in multimedia and Information Technology. 

Your topic must be determined in consultation with your tutor to ensure content suitability and to avoid excessive duplication of content areas with your peers. 

An extensive set of example topics will be made available mid-session, but you are encouraged to identify topic areas on your own initiative and to raise these with your tutor seeking authority to proceed. Topic areas selected on this basis should be of a narrow but detailed nature.

All students are encouraged to select a specialised (rather than general) topic area. It is anticipated that doing so will enable you to undertake detailed study in an area that:

  • you hold intrinsic interest in
  • has specific relevance and application to an aspect of your personal and/or professional life either currently or in the future
  • you will find more motivating, and strive to achieve a higher quality product
  • you will embrace, and experience higher levels of self-satisfaction
  • you will gain greater generic knowledge, skills and attitudes regarding research and the production of reports.

The Report Task

You are required to produce your own topic report in response to your selected topic area.

The report will be about the impact of computers and information technology, including ethical implications, in a specific area of business, society or culture.



There is a substantial role of information technology viewed in the tourism industry in last few decades. The advancement in technology is helping in reducing the costs, enhancing operational efficiency as well as improving services and customer experience. It is providing benefits to customers as well as businesses through improved communication, reservations and guest service systems. IT has transformed tourism all over the world and is offering a variety of new opportunities for development and has improved its position in the market. In the present scenario, travel and tourism industry are crucially relying on internet technology, which is an essential communication tool for tourists as well as tourism enterprises. As tourism is an information-based business, prior comprehensive assessment of qualities is not possible. It requires the gathering of information from both consumers as well as supply side, and includes high costs for information gathering. Due to such failures of the informational market; long information and value chains are established. The study will assess the overall effect of information technology on the tourism industry, which will include both the negative as well as positive impact. It will also evaluate whether the negative impact of IT on the tourism industry outweighs its positive impact or vice versa.



As the internet is considered to be as the most important communication tool for tourists, the application of the internet and various other technological improvements have prejudiced tourism in various ways and, have ensued in fundamental changes in the arrangements of the tourism industry as well as the behavior of travelers. For instance, online reservations and payment choices are utilized by a number of tourism dealers as well tourists and it has caused the advent of tourism as one of the most important e-commerce groups. It can also be contended that the fundamental aim behind such a rapid implementation of e-commerce in tourism exists in association between the characteristics of the products of tourism and the efficiencies of e-commerce implementation. It is the acquisition of tourism related products and services that characteristically involve the information transfer instead of physical delivery of goods and a number of times, it occurs in international perspective as well and takes place through transactions via credit cards. In addition, the intricate hierarchical tourism distribution system of the pre-internet era resulted in a huge amount of information irregularities and presented no choice for consumers from the point of view of where and in what manner to obtain tourism products (Haque & Rahman, 2012). Further, than e-commerce, advancement in wireless networks and mobile technologies ensure continuous improvement in the tourism industry, and it influences the experience of tourists as well.

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