The Human resource management system of nouveau software company the UK - Expert Assignment Help
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The Human resource management system of nouveau software company the UK - Expert Assignment Help


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Tasks (1)

Watch the video 'How to write a business case for innovation' . Now read Topic 8 and apply what you have learnt from the video to the construction of a Business Case for a major HRM investment initiative, such as a management/supervisor development program, including the achievement of an appropriate Return on Investment (ROI).

Tasks (2)

You will need to create a Business scenario, or perhaps your own business/organisation, and provide estimates of timeframes, running costs and benefits, personnel required (including external engagement of consultant, if required), ROI and an evaluation process for the program during and after one year.


The executive summary of this study is basically highlighted in the analysis of the critical business plan of the company nouveau solution in the UK. The business plan taken here is focusing on the HR training needs of the company Nouveau solutions UK. The company is mainly suffering from the initial loss of unskilled and untrained labour in the production process. For these reasons, the company has stressed more on the HR training prospect. The company has also taken help of latest information and computer technology to develop the skill and efficiency of workers in the company. This new technology would bring transparency to the Human resource management of the company. The business plan would help the company to develop its workforce by providing sufficient training and development programs of HR management. The whole project is developed based on the requirements of the business plan made here. In this study, the project risk, investment requirements and time frame of the business plan have been made here. The people role in the recent changing process of organisation is the main important factor of the business plan. By people, the employees of the company are meant, who are mainly involved in the training and development process of Human resource management. The main focus is provided on the development skill of the employee to increase the company's success.


Business plan: 

This business plan has been made here based on the training and development needs of human resource improvement of company nouveau solutions. To do this, the company has adopted the latest technology that is information technology and computer technology like electronic images. So at first, it needs to make awareness among the employee of its benefits. Apart from that, the company needs to encourage some old employee to make adapt to this new learning and training process. The new employee will be able to adapt to these new skills and technology at first. The human resource managers of nouveau solutions have to take an important role to motivate the workforce on the new skill development process of the company. The whole assignment is here made on the business plan situation clarified here.

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