The Gifted Child
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The Gifted Child


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How are gifted students best accommodated in secondary school science


This report summarizes introduction and justification, background of the gifted students. How to engage lessons for the different students with different caliber? Research Aims/question has been formulated to identify the perfect gifted student curriculum. This is followed by the Literature review. Controversial exceptionalities and critical thinking process have been highlighted. Identification of different processes and difficulties experienced in student screening has been identified.  Uneven knowledge and theoretical concepts have been given the due relevance. Students Eligibility review and structured options have been identified. The Methodology has been suggested, qualitative analysis and structured literature review have been discussed.  The relevant data analysis, data sources and data collection methods along with validity, reliability, and trustworthiness have been elaborated. Findings and discussions have been summarized with due respect to Systematic study and alternative learning. Few themes like-metacognition, self-independent learners have been identified. A conclusion of the gifted students and recommendation has been identified. The gifted students may or may not require the real accommodation for carrying out a cognitive study has been discussed. The schools need to address the behavioral factors, psychological factors and cognitive factors understand the concept of gifted student in secondary schools. The students’ curriculum formulated must be flexible. Advantages from real-life experiences must be taken into account which can help the students in problem-solving.  The objective of the research highlighted in the report is -To identify and analyze the curriculum models for these students and the best ways to adjust them in a class environment. Effectively handling the gifted students is a complex process. The identification of students has been out broken with different problems that should be taken into account. The giftedness definitions and procedures which will be guiding the state gifted process are required to be understood. A complete set of recommendations has been provided to provide effective help to the gifted schools.


Introduction & Justification

The modern classroom teacher has certain expectations and does not only provide the engaging lessons an activity done in the wide area of subjects. The authentic assessment of classroom subjects and constructive feedback offers instructions for a wide variety of students and includes struggling learners. The teachers need to provide enrichment for the students who are above average in schools. Many times these students enter the classrooms with prior knowledge of the content of the given age. The gifted students do not require any remedial accommodations when compared with the struggling students, and they may experience difficulties in learning. According to the common observations, children suffer because of the conventional classroom theories, because gifted students are considered to have an advantage over the low learners. Enrichment needs cannot be ignored because of the misunderstanding. The gifted students have certain needs which should not be ignored due to the erroneous assumption that high scores achieved are streamlined with the learning process.

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