The Bilateral Relationship between Australia and Japan
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The Bilateral Relationship between Australia and Japan


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For this assignment you are required to utilise at least three scholarly/academic sources and the article I attached.

Please choose one question

  1. Discuss some of the ways in which indigenous Australians managed the land before 1788. Was the white settler response generally curious or generally arrogant? 
  2. Why was Empire so important to Australians in the first half of the twentieth century? In your answer, provide specific examples to support your arguments.
  3. What was the purpose of the Immigration Restriction Act of 1901 and how did it differ from the post-World War II immigration policies of Assimilation (1947-1966) and Integration (1966-1972)? 
  4. What were the underlying factors that shaped the reorientation of Australia's international relationships after World War II, including its formal strategic alliances? Provide specific examples to support your arguments.
  5. What are the features of the bilateral relationship that developed between Australia and Japan after World War II? Is the relationship still important today? Why or why not?
  6. Some experts argue that Australia should recalibrate its contemporary relationship with China, and turn to other parts of the Indo-Pacific region, specifically India and our ASEAN neighbours.  Do you agree or disagree with this viewpoint?  Why or why not?



In this assignment, the bilateral relationship between Australia and Japan is the central theme along with its features and reflection in the global aspect. In this context, after doing thorough research in large primary and secondary sources of Information that, this bilateral relationship has made a significant benchmark in the manifestation of global peace also. After establishment in 1957, on the eve of the Second World War, this political treaty had a great role in engaging all the countries in establishing global peace, security and financial assistance system. All of the features along with their significance in present-day politics are discussed in the following part of the essay.


Features of Bilateral relationship:

Bilateral relationship, which developed between Australia and Japan, in 1957, just after the commencement of World War II, was highly significant in the establishment of a valuable commitment regarding trade-related investment. In this aspect, it is fascinating that this bilateral relationship has matured in the Asian land mainly. It had the core determination to improvise the trade, investment related tie strengthening along with making an emphasis on the maintenance of democracy, human rights, and legal code of conduct in these countries. Another crucial feature of this bilateral relationship was the international security maintenance system improvement which has a high reflection in the commencement of the global peace (Satake & Hemmings, 2018).  

Another feature of this bilateral relationship was the expansion of cultural themes of Australia and Japan across the globe also. It was also focused mainly on the Basic Treaty of Friendship and Co-operation also. All of the features of these bilateral relationships from the viewpoints of strategic partnership maintenance, economic aspects along with trade and investment are discussed below.

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