The Arts and Technology in the Early Year
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The Arts and Technology in the Early Year


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With reference to visual art, dance, drama, music and technology, and with clear and appropriate links to academic literature, theories and research (including the unit readings and texts), prepare a fifteen to twenty minute multimedia presentation that would be suitable to present to early childhood teachers' and or parents on arts and technology. The assignment will be presented in a multimedia format (guidance and suggestions will be given) and have an accompanying written transcript/discussion that includes the relevant references (which will be submitted on LEO).



This report involves a thorough research on understanding the role of art and technology in the early years of the child. Art allows children to express and process things in creative manner with stimulus response inside the brain. The process of learning and development in the early childhood has changed majorly as compared to previous times (Clark, 2018). With digital media and ICT (Information & Computing Technology) the technology is getting advanced day by day, leading to better ways in kindergarten learning (Southcott & Crawford, 2011, p. 122). The report includes detailed discussion about artistic development and growth of Children, technology/arts pedagogy and curriculum, inclusion and rights of the children in technology and arts education. Major focus will be on the Australian region and its practices along with overall scenarios.


Children's Artistic Growth and Development

Art and technology help children in learning about emotions, stimulating responses, and ideas development. It uses cognitive learning approach to a great extent. On exposure of the children to any kind of artistic activity, there occurs stimulation of brain from movements, sounds, sizes, and colours. The strength of the brain increases and also the neural connections inside it expands. According to Cultural Ministers Council (2005) this process of learning is very much beneficial for early years of childhood as at this stage brain is most sensitive to the stimuli and getting mature continuously. The conditioned patterns and observations are getting registered in the brain of the children and they find it stimulating (Cultural Ministers Council, 2005, p. 6). 

In a study, Broadwood with Bunting, Andrews, Abrams, & Vyver (2012) has taken an example of learning kindness. It has been demonstrated that in particular, empathy powerfully influences the act of kindness. The study involves development of opportunities for the participants and the audiences to strongly relate to the situations and characters. This helps in increasing the human's capacity to act and empathise in a prosocial manner. The same pattern occurs with children in the early age when exposed to such situations. By feeling of the positive emotions, children can learn many new skills, understand social bonds, and strengthen the proximity of their thinking, thus learning the act of kindness (Broadwood, Bunting, Andrews, Abrams, & Vyver, 2012, p. 17).

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