Sustainable Tourism
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Sustainable Tourism


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Assessment 1: Reflective writing – Your relation with nature 

Due: 23 July 2018 @ 5 pm NSW (uploaded via Turnitin on MySCU site) Length: 800 words (excl. reference list) Weight: 20% 


As especially emphasised in Topic 1, this unit has a strong focus on strengthening your skills  of critical thinking and reflection. Why are these skills important? In your role in the  tourism or hospitality industry or in business more generally, as well as in everyday life, you  will be constantly dealing with people from different backgrounds, cultures, and worldviews.  This is particularly so when engaging with the concept of sustainability, which remains a  challenging, often distorted and evolving concept in tourism practice as well as in political  and business contexts. Thus it is important to understand differing perspectives on how  people think about sustainability, the environment and tourism as well as having the ability to  critically examine the values, beliefs and assumptions underlying these perspectives. 

In order to analytically engage in informed discussion, understanding yourself is a vital  starting point. Thus Assignment 1 is focussed on your own values, beliefs and assumptions,  where they might come from, and when they might need challenging. This assessment aims  to encourage and develop your critical reflection skills on sustainable tourism issues. It is  designed to help you identify, understand and think critically about your beliefs, values and  assumptions as they relate to the nature. 

The task 

Think about what might have shaped your current relationship with nature (use the  preparation activity in the study guide, Reading 1.1, your results from the NEP survey and  the Anthropocentric-Ecocentric diagram from lecture 2 as guides for this). 

Identify a value and an assumption that YOU have currently regarding nature. 

Take a selfie (or find one in your travel photos) that captures what nature means to you and  which clearly reflects your relationship with nature, or your value, or your assumption. For  example, this could be you catching up with friends in your local city park to show that nature for you is a space for social bonding; you picking off a leech from your bleeding leg  explaining your discomfort with raw nature; or you on a mountain top illustrating that nature  for you is a space for fitness. 

Write your reflections down in 800 words and include your selfie. 

In your assignment, use the selfie to introduce your relationship with nature. Clearly state  your identified value and assumption, and for each elaborate and reflect upon why you might  have that value and assumption; and how they affect your attitudes towards nature. You may  also want to compare and contrast your views with differing perspectives; and/or reflect on  what (if anything) could lead you to change your perspectives.


1. Introduction

Humans need to have a relationship with nature that allows them to think critically and rationally. Nature provides humans with a healing power thereby allowing them to breathe and remain healthy. For years, I have developed a relationship with nature as it helps me to think rationally and heal my body against all the odds present in life. However, due to this digitalisation and globalisation, most of the humans have almost forgotten this connectivity with nature. They have been dependent upon digital network thereby paralyzing them. This current assignment will detail my interaction with nature and the necessity for such kind of interaction with nature. Finally, detailed assumptions related to nature would also be detailed as this would help to critically analyse the connection with nature.


2. Current relationship with nature

An interaction with nature helps to heal the body thereby soothing difficulties that are prevalent in life. I believe that connection with nature has profound benefits to human culture and therefore, it is of utmost significance to have such kind of connection. Mihalic(2016:527-548) opined that nature improves the mental well-being of humans. This sort of connection has made me more inclined towards care about environment. Furthermore, Edgell (2016:12) stated that almost 90% of humans prefer to stay indoors and they have little or connection with environment. This makes them more vulnerable to health-related issues and therefore, it is of utmost significance to spend some time with nature. The below-mentioned diagram highlights the NEP score of nature. 

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