Survey paper-big data in healthcare
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Survey paper-big data in healthcare


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I want u do do a survey paper  in Big data in healthcare.



Data in health care are referred to as Big data due to their complexity, size and speed of origination, leading to the difficulty of storage with traditional hardware and software. Although healthcare data used to be stored mostly in the form of hard copy, advances in technology, such as digitization has led to the storage of data in the software and hard drives [1]. The concept of Big data is not only associated with the problems related to its analysis and storage, rather it is related to the research questions derived from the data and research conducted from the derived research questions. Additionally, it also related to various research works conducted to prevent and cure diseases ultimately improving the quality of life [2]. The US healthcare is one of the largest generators of healthcare data, which is about to attain the Zettabyte (10²¹) scale. A California health network, the Kaiser Permanate has about 26.5 to 44 petabytes' data, including images with the information of more than 9 million people [2]. Such high amounts of data is the cluster of files from the patients' health records, hospital records, scientific instruments, hospital procedures, records of the health and non-health workers including medical researches and articles from journals [2, 3].


The healthcare system in every country consists of primary care providers, pharmacists, druggists, radiologists, pathologists including the health care workers of the periphery. Digitalization has brought many changes in the official maintenance of health and hospital recording. In addition to the records, the electronic registration system is being set up and the patients are being issued a new electronic chip-based data card to update a centralized record system by the records being accessible in every department of a hospital [4]. Such a system is furthermore competent in providing a global transparency of the records, which means a critically ill patient can receive treatment suggestions also from other doctors from any part of the world [5].

The three 'Vs' such as the volume, velocity and variety are the main properties of Big data. A huge amount of data is gathered from various sources such as data from the health care system, astronomical data, environmental data, census, airline traffic, transportation data and many other sources is referred to a large volume of data [6]. The velocity is the speed of data generation. Each department has their resources which are being generated at the same pace [4]. The variety refers to the different types of data, such as text, images, video, auditory, and many other varieties. Statistically, it is explained that a data is large not only in terms of its volume, but also in dimensions [6], such as 26.5 to 44 petabytes', the data obtained from the Kaiser Permanate of California [2]. The rapid generation of a variety of data from varied resources has led to a vast number of research studies, which has shifted the main area of healthcare from cure to prevention of diseases. This would also help in reducing the cost of treatment and improve the quality of health [6, 5].

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