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Strategic International Business Management


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Write a report explaining why Jan may be encountering the difficulties he is facing and to make recommendations as to how he should proceed, in order to implement this change successfully.  

Your report should address the following:

  1. The people management issues that potentially underpin the difficulties Jan is facing (30 marks) – 900 words.
  2. The steps that Jan should take in the short and medium term, to get the launch of the new product back on track (40 marks) – 1200 words. 
  3. The leadership style(s) that Jan should adopt in this process, including the reasons why (20 marks) – 600 words. 
  4. Any decisions or support that might be needed at board level to help improve this situation (10 marks) – 300 words.


Executive Summary

The report is based on the case of SweDigi, that is in critical business problem as presented in the case. The new CEO in place, Jan, has identified the issues to be pertaining to people management and change management. It has also been understood quite clearly that change management is only possible after people management and employee motivation has been attained as part of short-term goal.

The initiatives suggested as per the report includes appropriate people management initiatives by considering low and no-cost motivator based on assessment of employee based reasons of lowered motivation. Also, the main aspect would be to bring the management in agreement with the board. Theoretical models of McKinsey have been applied to the situational specifications given as per case, which has depicted the need to manage the Soft S aspects and ADKAR has been suggested as per initiative at both individual and organisational level.

As part of medium-term goal, change management would be considered based on identification as per ADKAR. Alongside, the leadership style of situational leadership, tyranny as well as participative approach has been suggested to be taken up by Jan.

The board which is majorly concerned with lowering turnover, can be supported by appropriate figures and suggestions of business expansion by means of mergers and also using the benefits of being part of the EU.



People management refers to managing of people as a resource in an organisation (Wellington, 2017). Similarly change management specifies to the internal as well as eternal transitions that impact businesses and its people (Carnall, 2007). People management and change management issues have always been a concern for managers. More importantly, in situations of change and process failure managing people turns further difficult (Carnall & Todnem, 2014).  It is in respect to the this that various leadership frameworks and change management models have been devised to strategically manage people and change in organisations. The present work caters to understanding the case of Jan provided along with proper identification of the people management issues and present a clear set of recommendation strategies that can help Jan manage the situation.

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