Statistical Analysis Project Part B
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Statistical Analysis Project Part B


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Statistical Analysis Project Part B Project


Reflection/feedback (approximately 200 words)

This assessment helped me to understand statistics functions MS Excel, a spreadsheet and to use it effectively to carry out calculations for given data. The written part assisted me to interpret the outcomes of my calculations to a lay man without much technical jargon.

While self-marking my submission, I found to have not included coversheets and failed to save the file in the specified format. For this up to two marks for each could be deducted. This is a lesson for me as I have to be cautious to ensure that all the given requirements are met before submitting the document.

In terms of statistical calculations, I had used a histogram to show the graphical representation of the data as per given requirements. The charts were suitably titled with both horizontal and vertical axis labels. In a table, I had included the descriptive statistics with clear demarcation for the chosen set of data, which was obtained using the Excel function. This has improved my knowledge in analysing data and interpreting the results using Excel.

In written response, I had provided an introduction for response as well as the data to help the reader in understanding what the rest of the content discussed about. I had given an explanation to what the structure of graph and the meaning of key values in the descriptive statistics. Though I have pointed out the measures of central tendency, I failed to mention its difference in the report which is highly likely to create confusion for the reader due to different values. I had structured the report, in a sequence with a clear flow of ideas. I reviewed the report using a spelling and grammar check available in MSWord to avoid errors.


I had input considerable effort in developing the answers for this assessment through knowledge gained during the course. From this self-marking, I am able to evaluate the quality of my assessment against the given set of criteria.  This has helped me in determining the problem areas in my report which I have to rectify and avoid in future submissions.

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