Sociology Assessment Item 2: Case Study
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Sociology Assessment Item 2: Case Study


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Choose ONE of the case studies from the online learning modules for this assessment item. Apply the micro, meso, macro model to demonstrate your understanding of the impacts of poverty and social exclusion on the lives of the people in the case study.



This case study is about a 43-year-old single mother of four children, who works extremely hard to earn a living and take care of her children. Amidst conversation with her younger brother, she discusses how difficult it has been for her to tackle various situations revolving around the general care of her children. She further expresses her concern saying that each penny has been important for her in meeting the demands of her children. Judith had no work skills and therefore, it was difficult for her to find work. She even went to the extremes of handling food vouchers from Salvation Army to general public. She had no other option, but to swallow her pride and do tasks with which she could earn a living and take care of her children. The other task that she managed to do was delivering pizzas during night time. She complained that she had to bear the expenses of petrol and use her own car. To add up to her stress, unfortunately, her fourth child suffered from epilepsy and autism and therefore, much care had to be given to him too. Soon, Judith was then offered with a job as a childcare liaison officer and receives income every fortnight. She faces various problems at the site where she is located but the good part is that she feels a part of the community now and therefore, feels proud to have a control over her life.


Issues identified at the micro level

As mentioned in the case, Judith had to do tasks such as handling food vouchers to people and serve them with pizzas at night to give affordable childcare to her children and make their ends meet. She faced many hardships as a single mother and had to look after the needs and desires of her children. Her child who was diagnosed with epilepsy and autism also had to be given special care, time, efforts and money for his treatment. She had to spend quite a lot of her earnings on educating her four children. She faced many problems at the government housing place which had been offered whilst her job as a childcare liaison. She complained that all poor people were dumped together wherein its unsafe an atmosphere at night. The place is extremely hot in summers and extremely cold in winters. There is absolutely no privacy as you can easily hear what the neighbours are doing and light comes through cracks around the door. These were some issues identified at the micro level.  

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