Social Networking Technology
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Social Networking Technology


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You have been tasked to prepare a report for potential investors that allows them to understand the potential social, ethical and legal opportunities and risks of a  technology, selected from a list of topics provided on the Moodle site.

You have graduated from your degree and now work in a small tech start-up company. Potential investors are excited about the technology you are developing, and see significant opportunity for financial growth. However the investors also place high importance on social responsibilities: although they want to make money, they also want their investments to make positive contributions to society (in fact, some investors may be prepared to lose money if the social contribution is significant). 


Executive Summary

The topic of this report is social networking technology. This report discussed about the social networking technology. This technology is used by the people in the present time as it offers different benefits to the people. The report presented the introduction and the background of the social networking technology. The list of the stakeholders of this technology is developed that includes investors/funders, collaborators, volunteers, online groups: online communities, website members and regulatory bodies. The issue related to the intellectual property that is the protection of the intellectual property is discussed. two measures for protection of the intellectual property are discussed that are patents and copyrights. Along with this, the advantages and disadvantages of both measures are also discussed. The opportunities and the benefits that are offered by this technology is discussed that are connectivity and information sharing. The opportunities that are offered by the social networking technology help in reducing the weightage of the risks that are associated with the use of this technology in an effective manner. The risks are also faced by the people when they use the technology that is privacy and security risk and the information disclosure. In the end the summary of the report is presented.


Technology Overview

Social networking technology has changed the traditional methods of communication adopted by people. This technology has reshaped the way in which people engage with each other and stay connected. Because of the advent of social networking technology, place, time and boundaries are no longer a barrier to communication. The social networking technology is on rise across the globe. This technology has become more famous because of the increasing users as well as the active involvement of the young generation. With the advancement in communication technologies these social networking technology is able to offer more wide features fulfilling the dynamic and ever-changing demands of the users. In order to deeply understand about this technology, it is important to first define this terminology and throw light over its history. Social networking technology in simple words can be understood as a social space that is designed in order to facilitate communication activities with the help of mobile phones or other electronic technology that can be used for communication purpose and has the accessibility to internet services (Digizen, 2018). Social networking technology uses public as well as semi public profile in order to run this technology. Social networking helps to increase the connections of people. This is so because, as it allows connecting with one person, the option to connect with other people also comes in front of them and from this list the individual can select the person with whom one wants to connect (Techopedia, 2018).

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