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Self Awareness And Reflective Journal - Expert Assignment Help


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  1. Capacity to reflect on awareness of self and personal needs.
  2. Capacity to reflect on awareness of/ability to deal with own personality patterns.
  3. Ability to perceive and evaluate values, attitudes and behaviors.
  4. Capacity to develop and reflect on insights based on reflecting collectively on the core issues within this task.
  5. Capacity to demonstrate appropriate scholarly levels of writing style and fluency.


Awareness of self and personal needs, and motivations

The decision to take social work as a profession has its root in my personal and family life, which led me to be aware of ‘self’ and make an important decision in my life. Since childhood, I have seen my family struggling with several social evils and malpractices. I have grown up in an environment that had many struggles to deal with because of male domination and how women live a mere existence and serve men in their families. Women are considered as subordinate to men, and second-class citizens, whereby they have a limited role to play, and they cannot take part as active decision-makers. I have also seen an environment wherein evils like female foeticide and domestic violence are practised. Moreover, there are so many people and communities in the world wherein people are deprived of even basic human rights. A part of the world is suffering from terrorism continuously, and there are constant bombings that do not even leave children. So many such videos have surfaced the internet, and very less work has been done in this regard. Furthermore, there are situations wherein children do not get the education and are deprived of poverty. I have always thought about these people, and since childhood, I wanted to work for social causes, wherein I could make some difference in human society. In spite of education and awareness all over the world, there are still many parts of the world wherein people are not respected and not given the basic rights.


Family situations and other problems in the world wherein, children and families suffer due to poverty and lack of education made me aware of surroundings and self, which have been the most important factors that contributed to my decision to become a social worker. The kind of experiences I have had in my family and with my people gave me the motivation and strength to change the society and how it is difficult for people of certain sections to have a voice of their own. Such factors have motivated me and made me understand that I can get the strength to improve the lives of women from my community and many more, wherein human rights have not reached people are still suffering. There are places wherein women have been objectified, and this even happens in the best of places and the most modern parts of the world. Additionally, my personal experiences have motivated me to work for people and society at large. The decision to become a social worker is not only to combat these situations and improve the lives of other people but also to improve my perceptions and thinking, so that I am always aware of the self and surroundings, of which I am a part of. Thus, I believe that in the field of social work, I can get the platform wherein I can make a difference in the society and work to uplift the needy by eliminating the causes that lead to social evils and malpractices. 

Awareness of and ability to deal with our own personality patterns and with the 'stuff' that tends to cloud our perceptions

As a social worker, I have realized that I am ready to handle these tasks and face different challenges because I want to help people. It is a fact that when social workers meet people who are victims of a different situation, there is a lot of emotional trauma that even social workers may experience. One of the most important things I have realized is that there are challenges at every level of this profession.  Social workers can face challenges in respect to the organization for which he/she is working, there can also be challenges to commute to difficult places for work, and there are extensive challenges while dealing with people who suffer from social problems. In spite of these challenges, I am strong and extremely motivated to commit to the ideals and values of the profession of social work. Motivation is very important in this profession because social workers can only motivate and help others when they are motivated. I also have a problem-solving attitude that helps me to deal with this field, because I am able to understand and analyze the problem first and then work on the solutions through a rational and logical step-by-step approach. A problem-solving attitude is only possible through patience and calmness, which is imbibed in my nature. This is why; I do not hassle easily and worry about the problems, as I believe that by staying calm and thinking logically only can a person excel in the field of social work practice.

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