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Risk Mitigation, Work Health and Safety Assignment 2 - Expert Assignment Help


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You have recently been employed by a transport company in a middle management role. This company, which has 50 trucks, operates from a depot on the outskirts of a major regional city. Included in the depot are the company head office and a mechanical workshop for maintaining the fleet. The depot yard is bitumen sealed except near the boundaries. The entire site is fenced by a 1.2 metre high chain wire fence. Some of the goods are offloaded from incoming semi-trailer trucks and transferred to smaller truck for local delivery, often times on the next day. This necessitates the use of a forklift and small mobile crane. 

There are residential properties within 30 metres of the depot. Some complaints have been made to the local council about late night operations and security lighting. This has placed limitations on the operating hours and how lighting can be used.

Recently, there has been a spate of robberies from the site after hours. All the robberies are of goods from trucks that are parked overnight. No equipment (trucks, forklift or crane) have been stolen. It has been established that the thieves are simply climbing the existing fence and passing goods over the fence where they are loaded into light utility vehicles. This has become particularly concerning following the theft of some dangerous chemicals.

To reduce the incidence of theft, the owner has decided to improve the site security. This will require the company's own staff to construct a 2.4 metre chain wire fence topped with barbed wire. This will require boring holes into the ground to take steel posts.

Before starting the construction of the fence, the owner has asked you to develop a risk mitigation system as he is concerned about a few potential problems. He has mentioned overhead powerlines and underground pipes, but you know there are many other hazards.

The specific assignment tasks are:

  1. Present a list of readily identified hazards.
  2. Choose five (5) of the above hazards in the context of the scenario and provide a brief description (approximately 80-100 words) for each. When describing these hazards, pre-existing controls that are already in place can be included. It is likely that you will need to make various assumptions at this point.  

Design a risk management system which could be used to manage one (1) of the hazards described above. In practical terms this means you must relate all five of the steps or elements of the risk management process to this issue (approx. 1,500 words).



The report is focussed on a risk audit and risk management of a transport company. The operations of the transport company comprises of a day turnaround time. In the turnaround time goods are transferred from semi-trailer to a small sized truck to ensure local distribution of goods the subsequent day (Balog 2014). Complaints related to the lighting system led to limitations with respect to the lighting system in the night. The concern lies in the current robberies that happen in night. Goods are transferred over the fence by the robbers in the night (Bjorkman 2014). The report highlights the hazard areas and suggests a risk management design.

  1. Identification of Hazards (List)

After auditing the event of robbery and nature of goods that are distributed the following hazard areas could be identified.

  • The Fencing System: The site that helps to manage the transport company is not supported sufficient height with respect to fencing. Provisions for barbed wires are not available (Capel 2014). The thieves have been reported to be climbing over the fence with ease.
  • The Storage System: The operation consists of collecting the goods and distributing the goods the next day. There is no protocol to protect goods in transit, especially harmful chemicals.
  • Security System: Considering the nature of the existing system required over the night no attempt seems to have been made concerning security. CCTV coverage or a loss prevention team consisting security personnel has not been considered (Clifton A. Ericson 2010).
  • Lighting: The Lighting is restricted in the night. Suitable alternatives have not been reported.
  • Lock and goods in transit: Goods in transit does not have a system in place where the goods could be in suitable sized lockers or storage space with locks.
  • Siren systems and Emergency contact system: The site does not have any system to face any prospective theft situations (Constantine Zervos 2014). Alarms are absent. Contacting outside help like police in case of emergency are not reported to be in place. Loss prevention teams usually have the contact information of local cops. 
  • Time Management: Goods could be delivered to the site and offloaded in the daytime. This would ensure that the goods could be kept secure and proper precautions could be taken.

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