Reflective Essay on an Ethical Dilemma
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Reflective Essay on an Ethical Dilemma


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Write a Reflective Essay on an Ethical Dilemma?



The maintenance of safety and wellbeing of a child are amongst the fundamental obligations facing personnel working with child. While, obligations remain part of any working relation, for an individual working with a child, the extent of obligations is pronounced, since they remain an authority figure for a vulnerable group for some time (Hopkins, 2006). Often a child at an early age is unable to speak for themselves, and cannot be a part of the decision-making framework. At such time, the responsibility of a childhood educator becomes all the more pronounced (Newman and Pollnitz, 2005). A childhood educator work closely with the child as well as their families, and are responsible through their action to develop as well as preserve their value system. As per NCAC (2009) a childhood educator has ethical responsibilities towards their students, families of the children and their organization at one end. At another, they are also encompassed with the challenge of managing their legal obligations. In view of these intricacies, a need to reflect upon the ecosystem of child management in the institutional settings becomes vital.

Through the present review, an ethical dilemma encompassing a young child in the childcare centres is addressed. The child in question is named Myah, and she has an active daily routine which leaves her with lack of energy at the lunchtime, and her educator feels that she is in need of some rest in this period. However, following this routine disrupts her night sleep. Through the present review, the ethical dilemma of considering the wellness of the child in long and short term in front of the educator is discussed. The research further reflects upon the strategic consideration of all the stakeholders' perspective, so as to resolve the same. An ethical dilemma is a paradox, where an individual is faced with a moral situation, where there is no acceptable right solution. Rather, there is ambiguity that needs to be considered in a comprehensive light to effectively address the issue (Garber, 2008). The realms of ethical dilemma in this case study situation along with the rationale for the resolution are shared through this reflective paper.


Recognition of the dilemma 

Mayah is a 2 and half year-old child of a single parent (mother), who is being taken to a local childcare centre. It is noted that Myah has a very active and engaging daily routine, which leaves her tired in the afternoon. As per her educator she mandates a nap time at this hour. Since this is within the standards of the childcare guidelines as established by the Australian Children's Education & Care Quality Authority (ACECQA), Guide to the National Quality Standard (2017). Since, the comfort of a child is a vital consideration for any child carer, and ethically a need to consider the needs of the child is vital for the educator, there is an ethical dilemma at hand. Her mother meanwhile, has pointed out that the daily sleep time of the child is affected owing to the afternoon nap time, and she is unable to set the routine of the child because of this variable. In view of the long-term impact on disturbed sleeping habit for a child, and to ensure the interest of the family is also enabled, the educator is expected to consider the request of the mother as well. Meanwhile, the institutional authorities realizes that the dilemma of educator is genuine, and also empathise with the concern of the mother have a legal and ethical obligation towards the child (Newman, 2002). So far, the educator has argued that they can reduce the nap time for the child, and further try and engage her during this time of possible sleep. However, if the child still is restless or sleeps on the watch, then they would consider the best interest of the child.

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