Promoting Pro-social Skills Through Play
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Promoting Pro-social Skills Through Play


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The purpose of this assignment is to help you plan for a focus child's play by applying a case study approach and in-depth investigation of the child's play, developments and learning. This assignment requires you to write an individual research report from an in-depth investigation of your focus child's play. 


Section 1

Children are part of a social environment, which not only enrichens their journey and learning process, but also prepares them to contribute to the same environment in the future. In the early years of their life, a child starts to observe many social aspects as part of their development, and are expected to meet certain criteria and social development milestones as they grow old. In this context, the relevance of pro-social behaviours is recognized. A pro-social behaviour is the voluntary action shown by an individual to benefit other member of the society/ group (Eisenberg et al. 2015). Since, home is the first learning step, many children learn about varied pro-social skills through recognizing concepts of empathy, moral reasoning and decision making, and appropriate behaviour for varied situations (Warneken, 2015). Within their social environment, a child also gains pro-social behaviour from their teachers, their peers and other social role models. However, it is realized, that these skills do not come naturally to everyone, and often some children needs to be channelized and conditioned to develop pro-social behaviours (Spinard et al. 2018). The purpose of the present research is to reflect upon the variables which contribute towards pro-social development in a child, and address the challenges and offer recommendations in developing such milestones through a case study framework.


For the purpose of this study, the focus child observed is a child named Sarah. She is a two year old child. Her father and mother came from India and she and her sister born in Australia. Sarah is the second child of the family, and has an older sibling. Both Sarah and her sister are Christian. The child is expected to exhibit sharing, helping and cooperation in her daily life by her parents. As a representation of their eastern culture value, both parents expect that their children develop a strong social and moral upbringing from early years. The focus of this paper is to assess Sarah' activities such as playtime, classroom lessons, group activities, and role playing amongst others to understand the drivers of pro-social behaviours. The paper also focuses on providing recommendations for development of pro-social behaviour in the child.

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