Policy Analysis and Critiquea
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Policy Analysis and Critiquea


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A policy analysis is a little different to usual academic writing. Whilst formal or academic writing is required the traditional introduction, body and conclusion is different. Please use the following as a guide on what should be addressed in each section.

The word limit at each section is only a guide based on the marks allocated; you can of course manipulate this depending on the strengths of you critical discussion.  



Euthanasia is usually a physician-assisted termination of life that is taken as a deliberate action to relieve the individual from their persistent suffering. The bill that is discussed here is   Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill (2017) that has been drafted in favour of euthanasia in specific clinical grounds. The emotive and controversial genre of euthanasia results in a widespread controversy of the practice. 

Significance of policy issue

Euthanasia is referred to the termination of an individual's life to relieve the person of their sufferings. In most cases, people who undergo euthanasia are suffering from incurable conditions of their health (Downie, 2016). This practice focuses on terminally ill and competent adult, who is capable to render informed consent to officials about euthanasia. Benedict & Shields (2014) state euthanasia conforms to the altercation of two contrasting values. The concept of pro-euthanasia prioritises autonomy, while anti-euthanasia frameworks lay more respect towards life.



This section examines the primary justification that highlights the ethical, moral and social controversies about the legal framework of voluntary euthanasia in Australia.White et al. (2017) express constitutional and legal policy issues in Euthanasia Laws Bill 1997 (Cth) does not pertain solitarily on the issue of mercy killing. The similarities can be studied in the Euthanasia Inquiry report (1997) that endeavours to highlight the developments in the perspective of Australian society. As opined by Seear & Fraser (2017) note vulnerability risks for mentally disabled people. Thus, it can be stated that the choice of this issue is justified by its widespread impact on the present Australian society. 

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