Ph.D. Research Proposal
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Ph.D. Research Proposal


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The research proposal will describe your chosen area of study, identify a research area and/or research question, clarify its importance and provide an outline of your research approach. Your research question will form the basis of your activities for the full duration of your degree so it is important that you consult a wide variety of resources before selecting a topic that fits with your research interests and passion.


Title: (15 words)

Challenges Faced by First Generation Arab Immigrants and Refugees in Australia in Second Language Acquisition 

Background: (242 words)

Increasing immigration of Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) communities in Australia has been a cause of concern for the Australian authorities in the present century. Integration of the newly migrated communities should be done with explicit care in order to win their trust and prepare Australia for a better future (Mazbouh-Moussa, and Ohtsuka, 2017). Against the background of accepting Muslim refugees during Fraser's term, many Australians feel that the government has made a mistake of allowing Arabs to seek sanctuary in Australia (Anderson 2016). The reason behind this is the politics of fear which has not only created hostility in the minds of the host country but also led to a negative reception on the part of the immigrants. Such an atmosphere is detrimental to the future of the country as it will vilify all the policies made by the government for the betterment of the Arab Australians (Australian Arabic Council 2001). 


A considerable shift in the present paradigm can be brought about by aiding the assimilation of Western values in the immigrants, the first step to which will be language learning (Mazbouh-Moussa, and Ohtsuka, 2017). Mutual interaction is only possible if a certain level of mastery is achieved through language acquisition (Berry, 2005). Language acquisition can hence play an important role in refugee in resettlement. This is the reason why conversation clubs, language hubs and other such groups are being established in addition to formal institutions of English learning (Sorgen, 2015).

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