Personal and Professional Development Plan
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Personal and Professional Development Plan


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Your Personal and Professional Development Plan (PPDP) should be a living document. As you progress through the program, you will document important moments in your transformational journey and record important insights, accomplishments, and completed goals. In the final modules of Leading in a Dynamic Era, you will reflect on your values, principles, and goals, create an action plan to achieve these goals, and plan for your future as a leader; these are the goals of your Personal and Professional Development Plan.

At the same time, you should not feel bound by the constraints of only looking forward. As you discovered in Leading in a Dynamic Era, great benefits can be derived from reflecting on the past, as well as on the present and the future. Accordingly, you will return to your PPDP throughout this program, stopping in each course to re-evaluate goals and action plans so that they accurately reflect your development as a leader and so that you can create realistic timelines and to set yourself up for success, rather than disappointment. If it takes you more or less time than you originally predicted in order to accomplish a goal or meet a milestone, that's simply a cause for an adjustment. The iterative process of revising, reflecting, and adjusting is precisely what makes your PPDP a living document.

In each course, there will be new knowledge and new perspectives that you were not aware of before. You will integrate that into your PPDP. You will address questions such as:

  • What is it that I am learning in this course that is helping me to shape what I already know that I need to know? 
  • What other managerial and knowledge gaps has this course revealed? 
  • How has it helped me to create new goals? 
  • How will I integrate content from this course into the professional aspect of my PPDP?

For this course, you will work on your PPDP in three phases, and submit this document to your instructor twice, in Module 5 and Module 6. The three phases are described in the online classroom and in this document. For each of the three submissions, you will complete the relevant section of the following template and submit the saved document to your instructor. In Module 5, you will complete 'Phase 1' and 'Phase 2,' and then submit this document. You will complete 'Phase 3' in Module 6.



Personal and professional development plan helps one to understand one's current state and chalk out a development plan to achieve one's goals (Cromwell, Kolb,2004). I have spent few years as a nurse in India and my current education in Australia will help me to expand my knowledge and pursue a successful career in nursing in Australia. The leadership development model that I have chosen to adopt is shown in figure 1 below. This model will help me to understand my current competencies, find out the gaps and then help to create a plan to bridge those gaps (Baldwin, Ford, 1988).

The time frame that I have selected will be 5 years as this time duration is ideal to gain meaningful work experience, gain my master degree in nursing and also to give myself enough time to act on my goals.


Individual Attributes

The individual aspects are composed of four aspects: 

  • General Cognitive Ability

This can be concept of intelligence, which is connected to biology instead of experience. While the company carry outs basic entrance exams to estimate the intelligence degrees of new trainees, the civilian world basically depends on other mediums such as the educational grade degree of applicant to create a uneven guess on the intelligence of applicant (Lord, 1994).

In relation to my nursing profession, cognitive capability is of great importance.

  • Crystallized Cognitive Ability

This is the intellectual capability that is well-informed or achieved across time which is connected to knowledge instead of biology. This cognitive capability frequently rises in most adults and does not decline unless some kind of illness or mental disease appears (Neck,Houghton, 2006) . It is composed of the ideas and mental capabilities that is learned by adult through knowledge.

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