Operations Plan Auto Garage Service
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Operations Plan Auto Garage Service


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Part 1 

Students will create an operations plan and a process map for a product or service, including finding  a suitable mechanism/methodology by which to present it.  

Students are expected to reflect the following learning outcomes in their plan and process map: 

  • Identify the critical components of operations management function in differing  organisations and clearly demonstrate their relationship to decision making and value chain.
  • Evaluate, apply and articulate the principles and quantitative methodologies to assist decision-making in operations process planning, scheduling and inventory management.
  • Critically evaluate the role of operations management in the strategic management of  organisations and supply chains


Executive Summary

This report discusses the operational plan for an Auto garage service business. In this report, the important components of the operational management function is discussed. Also, the relationship between the important components in decision making and value chain is being discussed. The different quantitative methodologies used in operation process planning and inventory management is discussed. The role of operational management in strategic management of organizations is also discussed in this report.



Operation management involves designing new systems and processes as well as improving existing systems and processes in order to create goods and services for an organisation (Chase et al, 2007). Operation management is extremely critical for the success of any organization. Effective operation management is necessary to create and deliver quality goods or services to the end customers. One of the key objectives of an organization is to produce goods or services. This involves procurement of required input resources, transform or process the inputs to generate output to be sold to the customers (Krajewski et al, 2013).

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