On-line reading and/or vocabulary resources based Annotated bibliography
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On-line reading and/or vocabulary resources based Annotated bibliography


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Complete an annotated bibliography of five entries that are based on on-line reading and/or vocabulary resources (websites or articles/chapters on such resources, etc).   Each entry will be approximately 200 words in length. You should also write a short statement (500-700 words) in which you summarise and evaluate the five sources. 


Cable, K. (2013). The 6 Best Techniques for Learning Vocabulary. Fluent. Retrieved 12 April 2018, from fluentlanguage.co.uk

The above source aims to enlighten learners about the various modes which can be utilized in order to develop a vast vocabulary. Primarily, the author has outlined six different modes which can boost vocabulary retention and has presented them in a fluent manner in order to ensure that early learners do not have any problems in understanding the techniques. A notable feature about the website is that it provides universal vocabulary enhancement techniques and does not focus on a single language while further dealing with the issue in a systemic manner and suggesting various different techniques to be used as per the situation. A viable example of the same is present in the article's suggestion to utilize memory devices such as sticky notes and flashcards which can help an individual in memorizing certain words. Furthermore, the website also provides generalized approaches as well, which include using a dictionary to learn new words and subsequently creating linkages to the particular word by the way of correlation with a visual stimulus, allowing better retention. The article also expounds upon retention of words by reinforcement through utilization of social media platforms and in day to day life, furthering retention in a holisitc manner.


Muniz, H. (2017). How to Learn English Vocabulary: 5 Best MethodsPrepScholar TOEFL. Retrieved 12 April 2018, from prepscholar.com.

The immediate website pertains to vocabulary development as a more academic vocation owing to the fact that it deals with language development in correlation to the TOEFL examination. The website aims to teach learners different techniques which lie particularly within the paradigm of the English language only. However, this does not limit the scope of the source drastically, and on the contrary owing to its focused approach enables the delivery of the techniques in a more streamlined and effective manner. The article details different methodologies which can be efficient in expanding vocabularies in relation to a competitive environment and thus, mentions certain pros and cons of each methodology. This allows users to choose each technique as per their level of understanding or comfort. The source provides extensive detail of each prospective methodology and in order to boost the impact of each method certain ideas as to how each method can be utilized effectively are also included, making it a highly useful source for vocabulary expansion aid. Lastly, the source focuses equally on the utilization of digital and traditional methodologies for vocabulary improvement, thus, outlining the holistic nature of this source as a stepping stone for better language in the long and short run.

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