Nursing Selection Paper
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Nursing Selection Paper


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Selection Criteria

  1. Demonstrated ability to work in a multi-disciplinary team
  2. Demonstrated ability to use information technology systems.
  3. Proven ability to be self-motivated, flexible and adaptive as clinical needs arise, and still remain within the scope of practice of an AIN
  4. Demonstrated ability to manage conflict situations in a calm and professional manner
  5. Demonstrate effective verbal and written skills, , including the ability to communicate with the multidisciplinary health care team
  6. Current and ongoing enrolment in a Bachelor of Nursing 

The above mention questions is all related to Assistant in Nursing position. Each questions requires approx. 200 words.


1. Demonstrated ability to work in a multi-disciplinary team

The focus of any healthcare professional should be to provide comprehensive care to their patients, and it often involves working alongside a range of experts. In my years of professional and academic development, I too have strived to work on this accord, and have learned to incorporate a respect for varied members of the healthcare team. I have worked as an assistant in nursing, and collaborated with health care team which included doctors, physiotherapists, and occupational therapists, registered and enrolled nurses. As a starting level nursing professional, as well as nursing student I have tried to respect the roles of each member within this team, and have learned to contribute to the patient care through effective collaboration, communication and continuously learning from my experience. Through my rotational postings, and clinical placements I have developed a firsthand experience in terms of working with different experts, and I now recognize their respective as well as collective relevance to any wellness team. I understand the value of voicing one' opinion, and at the same time facilitating a culture of open communication and respect in a workplace from my brief, yet eventful experience. As a starting level professional, I want to contribute to the treatment plan of the patients, and am eager to learn from a multi-disciplinary team, and thus widen the scope of my awareness and intellect in the field.


2. Demonstrated ability to use information technology systems

In this age and day, technology is synonym to sustainability for any profession, and the healthcare sector is no different. Whether it is the computation of patient information, management of critical information in terms of history, patient treatment plan and prognosis chart, or merely establishing a connection in the multidisciplinary team; the relevance of technology in the field cannot be denied. Through the course of my preparation as a nursing student I have always had an active and enthusiastic association with the information technology. As a student, I am accustomed to varied aspects of the patient record maintenance, and have tried to learn the recent computer programs and data configuration tools associated with the same. I personally have an avid interest in technology, and am a quick learner in adapting in my everyday life. I have worked as a receptionist Best Road Medical Centre, as well as a sale assistant at Fresh produce. Despite this different working experience, I recognize the relevance of interplay between communication and technology, and try to incorporate the same in my nursing profession as well. As a nursing professional, I try and supervise my actions through keeping a track on my everyday activity in the hospital by recording and documentation, and for this am adept with varied aspects of digital and computation programs.

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