Non Native English Speakers Teachers
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Non Native English Speakers Teachers


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Write a literature review on the topic of 'Non Native English Speakers Teachers'.



The debate between language proficiency and nativity has existed since olden times. However, it has become more discernable in the last two centuries with the acceptance of English as an international language. Are non-native English speakers as competent as native speakers – is a constant argument. This bias has become a 'dreadful nightmare, a veritable incubus' for non-native English teachers (Llurd, 2005: Page 286). Students continue to be judgmental and authorities are too keen on imposing 'an idealized native speaker over the stereotypicalized 'nonnative'' (Selvi, 2011: Pages 187–189 ). Amidst this raging debate, let us discuss the issues of self-confidence and the lack of participation of non-native English teachers in research projects. 


Problems for Non-native Speakers

Although it is a universally acknowledged phenomenon that language does not have any ownership with a particular race or community, the widespread practice of preferring native speakers of English over non-native ones has led to a prejudiced selection of candidates in educational institutions. This perceived inferiority of non-native speakers proves to be detrimental to the self-confidence of teachers (Llurd, 2005: Page 292). Thus, there seems to be an unwritten rule in TESOL and ELT programs that 'No NNS need apply' (Braine, 1998: Page 1). Authorities often hide behind the excuse that it is students who prefer native teachers. This mentality is induced not inborn. The preference of native speakers may be due to lack of competent teachers in their home town or due to the subtle reinforcement by ELT and/or TESOL authorities themselves who often boast their recruiting selectiveness on their pamphlets (Braine, 1998: Page 1). Many a time, this discrimination has pushed proficient NNS teachers to imitate native accent which seems farcical and inappropriate. Language proficiency includes right pronunciation, correct grammar and adequate knowledge of contextual vocabulary; accent has little role to play in proficiency. However, students are more inclined to regard native speakers with perfect accents has being more proficient in the language than non-native speakers with strong accents. They believed that this accent hindered their understanding of the instructions given and risked their safety (Plakans, 1994). Thereby, a false dichotomy has been created in the minds of the students conversely affecting the confidence and interests of the teachers.

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