Money does not make us happy
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Money does not make us happy


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Assessment Item 2 – Argumentative Essay Task Description: 

Students are required to select one of the Point/Counterpoint debates introduced during the semester (see Workshop/Online Discussion Forum Schedule on p.21. A copy of each Point/Counterpoint debate will also be available on MyLO).  Students are required to investigate the topic under debate, and use relevant theory and concepts relating to the topic, and academic evidence to establish a position (either point or counterpoint) on the topic.   The specific position that you take must be argued using academic literature and research. You should refer to these sources using the TSBE (Management) adopted referencing style (Harvard system). 

An argumentative essay requires you to develop a perspective on a topic,  and defend it.  Usually there is no right or wrong answer, so the ability to argue your viewpoint becomes critical to your mark.  You are required to use research to define what you are arguing about, and present the facts in an orderly fashion as you see them – all of which lead to an inevitable conclusion (as you would want the reader to come to). 

Essays need to be written in 'third person' – to appear objective you need to take yourself, as the author, and also the reader out of the equation.  This means not using 'I', 'me' (or first person) and 'us', 'we' (or second person).  Another reason for following this convention is some readers may so object to being openly co-opted or coerced to your point of view, that in the end they express their displeasure at your presumption by disagreeing with your viewpoint entirely.  

Structure The introduction in an argumentative essay should have links between the topic and an outcome; could contain a question; should state a counterargument to your viewpoint and contain your viewpoint.  It should not have supporting evidence for your viewpoint, nor a solution. 

The body of the essay should address key issues and provide supporting evidence.  Where a key issue and evidence can run over a few paragraphs, one paragraph should not contain more than one issue or provide supporting evidence for more than one issue.  It is a good idea to re-state your position throughout the essay as it is easy for readers to forget what you are arguing. 

The conclusion should mirror the introduction, re-state key issues raised in the body, and offer a solution or suggestion. 

Task Length: 

1500 words (+/- 10%) excluding reference list.  A minimum of ten (10) academic references is required. 

Assessment Criteria: 

A detailed assessment rubric will be available on MyLO 

Link to Unit's Learning Outcomes: 

1, 2, & 3 

Value:  30 marks



Money is a complicated as well as emotive topic for most people. Each person's belief system, emotions as well as personal preferences are different which can influence the relationship between one's affinity towards money. Money is also believed to affect one's self esteem as well as security and well-being (Kelly,2012). Scientists have analysed the association between happiness and money for many decades and have drawn a clear conclusion based on their analysis. Money can buy happiness but it can buy happiness much lesser than expected as per thought of many people (Aknin, et al., 2009; Diener & Biswas-Diener, 2002; Frey & Stutzer, 2000). The connection between happiness and income exists but is not as strong as believed to be. Thus, this fact has baffled the thinking of people more than expected. Ultimately, money helps people to do what they desire to do and thus, they should be pleased while they are spending money. In the other hand, the problem was analysed to determine why a lot of money does not bring a lot of happiness in the life of people. The answer to this problem was provided that the things which bring happiness in the life of people are not for sale (Thaler, Sunstein, 2008). This thought is popular, lovely and also wrong to some extent. The different sources of happiness that money permits people are: to stay healthier lives for a longer period, to safeguard themselves over harm and worry, to spend more time with family and friends and to manage the nature of their activities on daily basis (Smith, et al., 2005). Rich people do not just have good things but also intake good nutrition, employs good medical facility, spend more time with family and friends, more useful labour- all is about having each ingredient in the recipe for living a happy life. This leads to the conclusion that money can definitely buy happiness provided it is spent on avenues which helps to maximize one's utility. Every person has different priorities in life and if a person is using money based on one's priorities, money can help to buy one happiness (Leonhardt,2008). This report will critically discuss the relationship between money and happiness.


Relationship between money and happiness

Morris (2010) suggested that the association between happiness and pay was not very strong. However, pay can be a superior motivator. Basically, it means that sometime peoples are motivated to purchase items to become happy with a limited ability. But the story does not conclude here (Boiler, et al., 2013). An analysis done by Wallis (2005) suggested that money is very essential in the life of human where they can fulfil their desire. Particularly, paying money on skills makes more happier rather than paying it on possessions like sports, entertainments and holiday. Additional money spent on accessories such as furniture, cars, clothes, jewellery, etc does not make happy to people. One analysis found that spending $30000 on leisure during seasonal period had a positive impact on life as compared to getting married (Leonhardt,2008).

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