Marketing Plan WhiteCrow Digital
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Marketing Plan WhiteCrow Digital


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Briefly explain the marketing plan of Whitcrow digital.


Executive Summary

As the part of business growth strategy, a market plan is required.  An appropriate market plan assists an organization to determine its target customer base, approaches to reach them and to retain existing customers to drive revenue. It offers a roadmap to attract customers and improve business success over a specific term.  This report proposes a market plan for the social media marketing services of WhiteCrow Digital, one of the major regional digital marketing agencies in Australia. The external environment that influences its operations is determined through a situation analysis. It is found to be conducive due to the growing preference for social media websites among companies as a marketing tool to reach their customers. However, due to the presence of a highly fragmented industry structure, there is high competition among players to capture the customer base. Further, a SWOT analysis is used to determine that WhiteCrow's strength overweight its weaknesses and threats, and whether it has necessary resources to successfully utilize market opportunities. Based on these the marketing goals are determined to increase its brand awareness, reach around 25% of target customers per quarter and mobilize sales to attain financial targets. To achieve this, a strategy is developed which considers the marketing mix and how it can be effectively used to achieve the desired results. An action plan with schedule of the marketing activities is developed to ensure that it meets specific deadlines. To ensure that the devised plan is in line with organizational goals, controls are used to evaluate the company's revenue and expenses as well as new and repeat businesses from planned marketing activities.



WhiteCrow Digital is a Newcastle based digital marketing agency with clients across the Hunter, Sydney and the rest of Australia (WhiteCrow Digital 2018). It is an expert in developing and optimising digital campaigns for businesses with the focus on generating tangible results with real-time analytics to track the day-to-day digital marketing activities. This report is a marketing plan with a specific focus on the social media marketing service offering WhiteCrow Digital in Sydney. The background of WhiteCrow and the issues arising from external market conditions are assessed using a situation analysis. A SWOT analysis reveals the internal performance of the company and how well it is resourceful to overcome the issues presented for this business growth and survival. Based on the external and internal evaluation, marketing goals and objectives are devised.  A marketing strategy is developed considering all the elements of the marketing mix and an implementation plan is scheduled to carry out the listed marketing activities within the set time frame. Finally, the controls which are required for continuous evaluation of the objectives and action plans are identified.

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