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Marketing guide| NURS2010 assign 6a clinical health assessment - Expert Assignment Help


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Answer questions about your health assessment findings and how they relate specifically to your patients/clients current and future health and nursing management. Your clinical facilitator will include your mark on your PEPR at the end of your placement.


Nursing Management

Nursing interventions attribute to the configuration of pain management strategies for controlling the pattern of hip pain during the post-operative tenure. The nurse requires undertaking a pain assessment of the patient on a scale of 1 – 10 in the context of administering appropriate analgesia for effective pain management (Kerr, et al., 2010). The cultural attributions on the episodes of hip pain require evaluation by the nursing professional in the context of configuring remedial strategies for enhancing the confidence of the patient on the recommended treatment interventions. Furthermore, the exploration of the factors that aggravate or alleviate the hip pain episodes necessarily required for controlling them with the effective administration of assistive interventions. The environmental factors attributing to the room temperature and noise level require evaluation for effectively controlling them in the context of reducing the pain episodes (Kerr, et al., 2010). The nurse professional requires assisting the patient in terms of administering rehabilitative and exercise interventions for enhancing the muscle endurance and strength to facilitate the range of motion of hip joints and alleviation of hip pain (Abou-Setta, et al., 2011). The research findings also reveal the reciprocal relationship of hip pain with episodes of sleep disturbance, depression, and delirium. Therefore, the nurse professional requires administering psychosocial assistance to the patient in terms of preventively mitigating the psychological manifestations during the course of pain management interventions.


The Rationale for Nursing Care

The evidence-based research literature reveals the pattern of hypoxemia in patients undergoing postoperative care across the clinical settings (Sun, et al., 2015). Therefore the patient requires monitoring of her oxygen saturation level by the nurse professional in the context of determining the severity of her hypoxemic episode during the course of postoperative intervention. The research findings by (Monzón, et al., 2014) reveal the requirement of administering nursing interventions to the patients undertaking postoperative care following the execution of their hip and knee arthroplasties across the surgical care units. The evaluation of mental status and administration of nursing assistance to facilitate the activities of daily living and personal care necessarily required by the affected patients for the mitigation of their hip pain episodes and enhancement of their range of motion of the replaced hip and knee joints. Therefore in the present scenario the nurse professional requires configuring a therapeutic relationship with the patient in the context of enhancing her compliance with the pain management interventions and elevating her trust and confidence in the administered treatment regimen.

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