Marketing Assignment- Principles of Marketing
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Marketing Assignment- Principles of Marketing


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Q1. 'If you are going for a job as a service marketer, and your background is goods marketing, you had better be prepared for some tough questions at the job interview about your knowledge and competencies in services marketing'. Firstly, why might someone say this? Isn't marketing simply 'marketing?' Secondly provide support for the statement by identifying possible differences between services marketing and goods marketing. You may use examples to illustrate the points being made.

Q2. You have been employed to develop a marketing plan for a large retail shopping centre in Melbourne. Describe the steps you will go through, to prepare the marketing plan, including an analysis of the environment, target markets, and the logistics of delivering of goods and services to the shopping centre.  Suggest a name for the shopping centre and justify your choice of name.


Q1. According to the statement which is being provided, it highlights that the individual is going for a job as a service marketer in the company whereas the person has qualifications or background of a goods marketer. The question arises on having to be prepared for questions which will be testing the knowledge and competency of the interviewee in the field of marketing especially. There could be possible answers and justifications to such statement. Firstly, marketing is a process through which services and goods are being sent to the customer through different features. Philip Kotler had specified marketing as an art and science of exploration, creation and delivery of valued goods and services to the end consumers with the aim of satisfying their needs. The other aim is also to achieve the profit through the target market. Marketing is designed just to create awareness of the product or service but there is a thin line between the marketing of a good and a service. Good is tangible product whereas services are an intangible product. For instance, in Sephora, there are makeup items which are products whereas the assistance which is being provided to the consumers to give them guidance on which product will suitable for their skin tones and price range. The guidance which is being provided is the service. For Sephora, service which is being provided is adding more value to its product and hence is being used as a tactic for marketing. However, there are companies which are solely operating as a service provider in the market. Goods marketing is a process in which the marketing activity is to align in a format of promoting and selling a singular product to a certain market segment whereas service marketing is for the economic activities which is being offered by a business to the client. Product marketing has 4P's whereas service marketing has 7P's. The main behind product marketing is to sell value of the item to the user or the customer whereas service marketing provides a relationship among the business and its client. Another difference is that product marketing cannot be made as per the requirement of the customer such as clothes whereas service marketing will be different for each consumer depending on their requirement like salon's, where different consumers will demand for a different hairstyle depending on their tastes. To conclude, whether it is product or service marketing the task and process is equally burdensome. However, for product marketing there are some advantages such as tangibility, durability and transparency which is a drawback for service marketing.



The name of the shopping mall will be 'East Lake Mall' The mall would be constructed east facing and the size would be vast signifying the size of a lake. Both these features are combined to be portrayed in the name of the mall.


The strong population growth in the city would be a major driver for consumer spending. This would increase the demand for retail space in the mall.  Due to scarcity of space from lesser vacancy rate of retail space and lesser size of ground floor shops, multi-storey buildings are the only option for retail space. Further population density and tourist spending drive sales who prefer to shop in malls.

Target Market

Consumers who live in the metropolitan areas have a wide range of choices from different stores, the atmosphere and the entertainment factors that are available. The focus of East Lake Mall would be to attract the young working families who prefer to shop for the whole week in a single location due to convenience and fun filled weekend trip. Tourists are also targeted who want enjoyable and memorable moments to recollect about their journey and the shopping experiences. The other groups targeted would be young working people and students who prefer to handout during weekends for social interactions.

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