Managing Organisations and People
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Managing Organisations and People


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You have to follow the Learning Outcomes for this assignment: On successful completion of this module students will be able to: 

  1. Critically analyse the behaviour of individuals and teams in organisations in terms of the key factors that influence organisational behaviour.
  2. Critically evaluate the potential effects on organisational behaviour of organisational‐level factors such as structure, culture and change
  3. Demonstrate the ability to analyse management issues in the context of management theories, models and concepts.
  4. Critically evaluate the effects of important developments in the organisational environment on managing organisations.



In the provision of the healthcare services, in order to attain the enhanced clinical outcomes, the most crucial and prerequisite requirement is effective teamwork (Rao, 2016). This is because, in the healthcare sector, an individual healthcare professional cannot deliver the best required healthcare outcomes. For such purpose, a collaborative approach is required on the part of the management of the healthcare organisations to enhance the team effectiveness (Leggat, 2007). Enhancing team effectiveness is a very challenging process in the healthcare organisations as there are varied organisational behaviour factors such as organisational structure, organisational culture and organisational change that affect the individual and team behaviours in the organisations. These factors pose varied management issues for the healthcare organisations in the path of enhancing team effectiveness. In this relation, this essay will mainly focus to conduct a critical discussion on the process of enhancing team effectiveness in the healthcare organisations. It will incorporate a model of team effectiveness; Input Output Process Model of Team Effectiveness given by McGarth to demonstrate important developments in the organisational environment of the healthcare and it will critically examine the ways that healthcare organisations can improve team effectiveness for attaining desired clinical outcomes.   


Critical Discussion of Ways of Enhancing Team Effectiveness in Healthcare Organisations 

Critically analyse of the key factors that influence organisational behaviour of individuals and teams

In the contemporary organisations, teamwork is considered as the most significant process for attainment of the key organisational performance goals. The behaviour of the individuals and the team is directly influenced by varied organisational factors namely organisational structure, organisational culture and organisational change and same is applicable in the case of healthcare organisations (Jaca, Viles, Tanco, Mateo, & Santos, 2013). In the same relation, it has been critically argued by Jaca et al. (2013) that organisational structure is the most important organisational factor that affects the individual and team behaviour in varied manner. The organisational or team structure defines the key roles and assigned tasks to the particular individuals working in a team. The improper allocation of the roles and duties creates a conflicting situation in the team that directly affect the work behaviour of the team members (Jaca et al., 2013). The dissatisfied team members generate negative attitude towards roles and responsibilities and hence the desired organisational outcomes are not attained (Jaca et al., 2013). This can be evident more with the inclusion of Nested Theory of Structuration, which suggests that organisational structure have a direct role in interaction of team members and their work patterns (Charles & McGuire, 2006). In broader context, the theory affirms that organisational structure has a direct impact on the actions and performance of the individual employee in the organisations (Charles & McGuire, 2006). In the healthcare sector, there is always an issue of insufficient staff members for delivering the required healthcare services and hence issue of team effectiveness is vital in this sector.

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