Linguistics Assignment 3
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Linguistics Assignment 3


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This assessment requires students to analyse three sets of L2 learner language at different L2 proficiencies, in order to determine the developmental path from lowest to highest L2 level.  This analysis will take the form of a 1200 word description of learner language at each proficiency (approx 400 words for each L2 level), focusing on the linguistic features present in the data.  In addition, students will write an 800 word explanation of the developmental differences between the three L2 scripts, with reference to the relevant literature.  Students are free to common on the particular linguistic features of their choice and use any theory or theories to explain their reasoning regarding the L2 language development. The datasets are attached in the email.



Majority of the lines in this section have flaws. The flaws can be categorized as mistakes and errors. Mistakes are caused by the learners not putting into practice something they have learned while errors are caused by the learner trying out something completely new and getting it wrong (Bartram and Walton 1991, p. 25). In Line 7, the learner misses explaining that other boy has come with a basketball. There are three 'erm' pauses in between which indicates that the learner is struggling to construct a meaningful sentence and express. In this sentence, the learner discards structure in forming a sentence which misleads the reader. 

7     *P: erm the other boy erm comes erm with boy basketball

Similar occurrences of mistakes filling sentences with 'erm' are in Line23, Line 31, Line 46, Line 56 and Line 61. The use of 'erm' shows that the learner is struggling to form a complete well-structured sentence. The learner pauses to recollect word/s such as 'erm ball […] erm (..) erm ball not use it.'  The sentence has word repetition and the learner is unable to find the correct word 'punctured' or 'burst' and is unusable. This shows difficulty in speaking negation too.


The use of verbs in these sentences, 'comes', 'is', 'have', 'success', 'use', 'come' are mistakenly used. The present tense which is exclusively used shows that the learner is unable to use verb tenses. The learner’s inclination at present tense instead of correct tense indicates an intralingual rule of simplification which results in learner's inability to express the correct grammatical tenses (Gass et al., 2013).

Line 13, 31, 55, 61, 57, 64 does not have articles. In Line 20, '*some girl' is used instead of 'a girl' whereas in the latter half of the sentence '*a boy' is correctly used this indicates that the learners have the ability to use indefinite articles but fails in using definite articles. 

Line 23, 25 and 46 is an error where the learner tries to use phrases to explain the incident and each time fails to deliver the correct phrase.  In Line 23, 25 if read continuously it reads as 'erm erm (..) ball is erm (.). basket.' whereas there is preposition 'in' missing to make sentence correct and complete.

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