Lesson on Crime - Linguistics Assignment
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Lesson on Crime - Linguistics Assignment


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Assignment 1

Rather than a lesson plan, make notes on how you would begin a lesson on crime, specifically thinking about how you would introduce these new words. What activity would you conduct to help students maximise their learning and recall of the new language within the context of the theme of crime?

Note that we are not asking for a lesson plan here, rather your approach to the lesson, an idea of an activity or activities you would develop to help students maximise their learning and recall of the new language within the context of the theme of crime.

Include a minimum of two of the five new words (in italics) above with appropriate examples in your answer.

Assignment 2

Question – obligation & advice presentation

In this two-part question, based on the four modal verbs should, ought to, must and have to, we would like you to sketch some ideas for:

  1. a presentation stage of a lesson
  2. a follow-up practice exercise (which is the question on the next page)

Below, for the presentation stage, think about how you would demonstrate the use of should, ought to, must and have to to a group of students who are learning them for the first time in your class. Include any examples you might use. Further, discuss how you would explain the difference between when we use mustand when we use have to.

There are up to 5 marks available here for this presentation stage activity. 

Assignment 3

Now, in around 100 words, outline some ideas for a follow-up exercise, again based on the four modal verbs should, ought to, must and have to. 

This can be either a controlled or free practice exercise where the students are developing their knowledge through using these forms in the lesson. Include relevant examples to demonstrate what you would expect students to achieve and write your answer below.

There are up to 5 marks available here for this controlled or free practice activity. 

Assignment 4

Question – material for interview topics

On the internet, find a suitable photo or picture of a theme around which you can build questions (it could be holiday, travel, sport, careers or any suitable theme) for an interview topic for a PET student (Pre-intermediate level). Copy and paste the URL where this image can be found in the box below.

Then write 4 starter questions that will encourage students to communicate about the picture.

After that, write 4 follow-up questions that will enable your students to develop the theme to the best of their ability.

Remember to ask open questions, which will encourage students to talk about the picture. Note that the first set of questions should be about the actual picture – the things that can be seen in it. Up to 2 marks for an appropriate image that students at this level can use, up to 2 marks for the starter questions and up to 2 marks for the follow-up questions.


Assignment 1

I will start the chapter by asking simple questions on crime. Some questions may be:

  • What is the role of police?
  • Why do we have courts?
  • Have you ever faced police hold up while travelling? How was it like?

After these questions are answered, I will write a couple of common words on the board along with their close synonyms. These would include:

Lawyer  Solicitor
Murder Manslaughter

I will ask the students to discuss the difference in meaning of these words.

After initial discussion, I will show some images. In the first image, a lawyer will be shown in court. Correspondingly, another lawyer will be shown behind the desk with clients opposite him. I will explain that a solicitor is one who provides legal advice and negotiates on the client's behalf. One who appears in courts is a lawyer. In the second image, a person throwing an object at another's head will be shown. Correspondingly, another person shooting a man will be shown. I will explain that manslaughter is unintentional murder without any motive or premeditation. 


A suggested activity would be showing famous deaths and murders over the world. For example, Abraham Lincoln's death was murder. Salman Khan's accident was accused of manslaughter. This activity will instill the meanings of both the words. Gently, I will introduce the word 'assailant' here and associate it with murder. So, one who murders with intention will be an assailant.

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