Environmental Sustainability Report 2020
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Environmental Sustainability Report 2020


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This portfolio should be presented using the following headings below and will contain an account of your learning across this unit. Your Portfolio will consist of the following:

A critical reflection (incorporating scholarly references) on your three key strengths, and three of your other main career influences and how these impact your career action plan. You must refer to self-assessment activities and card sorts used during classes.

A career action plan that is designed to help you achieve your short-term and medium-term The plan should include ALL of the following information:

    • Three short term (within one year) and three medium term goals (within 2-3 years) – it should include a mixture of study and career
    • Realistic steps (actions) you should undertake in the next year and next 2-3 years to achieve your career Make sure you link this with your self-understanding and career knowledge, gained through your critical reflection in part one.
    • A list of at least three barriers to achieving your actions with accompanying proactive


You must complete quizzes for all five of the following modules in the Career Development Program  from Topic 6:

  • Self-understanding 1
  • Self-understanding 2
  • Defining your opportunities
  • Career decision making
  • Branding myself

Note you must score 80% or higher on each quiz to satisfy requirements. Repeated quiz attempts are permitted. Once you score above 80%, your quiz results will then show in your Grade Centre. Each quiz is worth one mark towards the overall grade for your Portfolio. 

You must include at least 4 scholarly references (refereed journals, book chapters and reputable organisation websites) in your assessment.



Due to the continuous evolution of organisational and social needs, there is a requirement for me to be adaptable and multi-faceted. I have also found that there are a number of unemployed graduates who lack the skills required for employment. This encouraged me to reinvent and be self-aware of my competency. To this extent, a self-reflection would provide assistance in determining my current position and identifying strategies to improve for future success.


The higher education in university is a part of my plan to become attractive to employers as the units covered as part of my graduation allowed me to improve analytical skills, critical thinking, interconnecting ability, and read widely (SCU 2017). It is also expected to improve my creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship. I considered these to be life-enhancing skills as these would provide an increased level of employability. As the job market is in constant flux, employees are required to adapt to the changes which require continuous learning. I found that “learning to learn” is significant apart from learning for professional development (Heyler 2015). My passion is to become a successful accounting professional, and I aim to become an accounting partner in a reputed accounting services firm. To achieve this, I have to set goals and determine strategies to facilitate in reaching those goals.

My Key Strengths

To be noticed and become competitive, I have to develop skills that are essential for an accountant. I carried out a self-reflection which revealed that I have effective time management ability (SCU 2017). Also, I was observed to be having a strong sense of problem-solving as well as an ethical responsibility. When I searched some online job portals like Seek, these are skills pointed as to be required for an accountant.

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