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Investigation and Analysis of Motivation Factors at Work - Expert Assignment Help


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Please answer the following questions, read the ethics declaration and submit with the project  proposal. 

Note that AIB will only approve 'no risk', 'negligible risk' or 'low risk' projects – as defined by the (Australian) National Statement on Ethical Conduct in Human Research.

Yes No
o Does the project involve experiments or intrusive procedures on human subjects?
o Does the project involve children or young people? 
o Can the project cause physical or mental harm to the participants? 
o Can the project cause any conflict of interest, say, where there is a dependent or unequal  relationship (e.g. employer/employee or landlord/tenant) which may advantage or disadvantage an individual?
o Does the project involve participants with a disability?
o Does the project involve people who may be involved in illegal activities?
o Does the project involve the participation of Indigenous, Australian Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander people?
o Is there a risk of litigation for the participants or their organisation?
o Does the project involve people who are superiors or subordinates of the researcher?
o Does the project have procedures for informed consent by the participants?
o Does the project have procedures for maintaining confidentiality of the participants and  information gathered?
o Does the project proposal include an effective written section about ethics relating to this project?
By submitting this form with the project proposal, I acknowledge that I have read the ethics section in the Learning  Materials, am aware of the general ethics requirements relating to research, have designed this project to meet the  ethics guidelines and will conduct the project in an ethical manner.


Motivation is the psychological aspect of an individual that provides purpose and direction to one’s behaviour, a tendency to act in a specific manner to achieve particular needs or requirements, an internal drive for satisfaction and the will to achieve.  Motivation among employees has become a significant part of organisations to reach their goals and improve performance for long-term success. Various research studies have concluded that employees are not solely motivated by monetary benefits and their behaviour towards the organisation is highly influenced by their attitude. This has given rise to the need for managers to concentrate on employee motivation for developing a better workplace. Some of the motivating factors that are gaining prominence recently are job security, empathetic behaviour of managers, loyalty and engagement, appealing job, good work environment, diplomatic authority, control and disciplinary measures, good salary, career growth and progression, sense of belongingness and appreciation for completed tasks.


A research project was organised at Capgemini Australia, one of the leading service providers in Australia among a team of employees who are assigned to service BlueScopeSteel, one of the leading players in the Australian mining industry. This project determined various factors that hindered an employee’s performance.  It showed the preferential factors of employees to work better. The study determined whether monetary rewards or non-financial benefits are the highly motivating factors, of which the latter was given significance by the employee. In accordance with motivation theories, motivational factors are given importance in the workplace, and managerial style plays a vital role in it. Capgemini Australia is found to be successfully using extrinsic and intrinsic motivational factors to improve its performance. Apart from understanding the existing motivational practices, this project identified the need for alternative or additional motivational measures.

Understanding what motivates employees and integrating it into the reward system helped the company to recruit, train, employ and retain a productive workforce. Employees and managers worked together to achieve the collective goal of motivation. Motivation requires mutual cooperation of employees and managers as an employee has to show what motivates him/her to the manager and manager has to be agreeable to develop a motivating reward system. This report focuses on how motivation factors have an implication on the work of an individual.

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