Introduction to Human Services in Australia
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Introduction to Human Services in Australia


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Select two professional characteristics relevant to human services (e.g. professional codes of ethics) and explain how they equip workers to respond to individual and community problems.



Human Services is a profession which offers a multitude of services ranging from helping people to bring in an element of stability in their lives as well as to help people become self-sufficient through counselling. It also helps society at large meet their basic needs (Herzberg,2015). This profession provides humanitarian service to society and community at large. In 1960s, human services as an occupation were established to respond to human issues. Human service professionals have a keen appreciation of society at large and have respect for the diversity in the society. These professionals offer high quality of services to the clients in need with a strong understanding and appreciation for the society and environment in which they operate (Mehr,Kanwischer, 2004). 



This report is based on aged care facilities of centre link for Family Safety Victoria. In this report, two key characteristics of human services profession (viz. Code of ethics and cultural competency) is discussed and how they address the individual as well as community problems. 

Role of Code of Ethics

Definition of Code of Ethics

Code of ethics is a set of guidelines which the human service professional are expected to follow while discharging their duties towards the society. The key tenets of human services professions is based on the values of respect not only for the dignity but also for the well-being of all the people in the society. This profession is also based on the fundamentals of cultural sensitiveness, backing the need for social justice and giving due importance to traits of honesty, core value of integrity and a purpose of objectivity in all the work (Kincaid,2009). The professionals working in human services area need to consider the ethical aspects in their decision-making process. There may be multiple occasions where there exists conflict between the ethical guidelines and local laws. It is important to keep in mind that ethical code of standards is not legally enforceable. The local should be followed at all times while ethical code of conduct provides a holistic framework under which the employees are required to perform. 

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