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International Marketing


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This assignment creates a situation where you have to do research about a country– this is typically what an MNC has to do when considering whether to set up trade links with a foreign partner or invest in another country.

Your company plans to export products or to invest in New Zealand. Would you recommend exporting/investing to this market? Why/why not? Highlight the pros and cons of exporting/investing to this market in your answer.

Your answer will be based around but not limited to the following:

  • Identify the country and industry of your company.
  • Identify goods/services that you are offering. 
  • What strategy in the 2×2 matrix of international strategies (pp.452-459), if any, best suits your company
  • What entry mode would you suggest for the company?
  • Why this is the right country for you to export, invest to or work with?
  • Should your firm adopt a concentrated or decentralized manufacturing strategy? What considerations should the firm have in choosing the location of its subsidiary(ies)? Why?
  • What HR approach, if any, would you pursue, where do you find workforce, justify your choice.
  • It is up to you to produce a professional business report with references (APA or Harvard Style) relying on various industry, company, country reports available freely or at cost. 

You will be assessed not only on the content, but structure, communication, writing excellence, professionalism, referencing and other academic and practical criteria. 

See Marking Criteria. The marking criteria will directly reflect requirements of the Faculty of Business and Law as clearly outlined within the skills-based materials provided by the SBL Skills Centre.


International marketing refers to strategic concepts of marketing for international business expansion. AuMake International Limited connects Australian retailers to worldwide consumers. The company can use similar marketing strategies in New Zealand as in Australia and China, due to global standardisation. Transnational strategy scopes are low due to different lifestyles. International strategies account for action plans to enhance profitability. Localisation approaches cultural contrasts and consumer habits in New Zealand, Australia and China. Essential factors that are responsible for market entry of AuMake include trade barriers, export subsidies, price localisation and threat of competitors. Financial crisis has not readily affected New Zealand, the absence of which has gifted the nation with rich human resource. The company prefers a decentralised process due to its time-friendly approach of top and executives hierarchy. AuMake can recruit employees from this human resource. Thus, the company should apply strategic marketing principles in order to extend their market in New Zealand.



International marketing is considered the use of strategic marketing concepts to expand the business on a global platform. This crossover is expressed in global and international marketing. The present report is based on AuMake International Limited, an Australia based retail organisation that is attempting expansion to New Zealand.

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