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International Marketing Assignment Component A And B - Expert Assignment Help


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Critically analyse, evaluate, define and discuss market research methodologies, applications and environmental influence and strategic value in relation to marketing  in International, regional, national and global  marketing contexts



The entire economy of the world depends on the functionality of the business world. All business organization makes their appearance in the market as small organizations, striving for success and business growth. All business organization yarn for public acceptance and consistent demand for their service and products, based on which they expand business in local markets. As they expand their business, they reach near the level of saturation of the demand of the customers (Ahmad 2013). The reason for reaching the saturation of demand is the fact that as within the specific boundary of a nation, there exist only a limited number of customers generating a limited demand. In such a scenario, most of the corporate bodies aim at finding a new and broader market to tweak their percentage of business growth and profit. As the organizations enter the new markets outside their local boundary, they face tough competition from rival organizations lurking in the same niche of business. In order to tackle the surfeiting competition in the global market, aspiring organizations have to take the aid of marketing.

Part A

This section focuses on internal critical success factors of Apple and the success of CSFs in the international marketing development planning of Apple.


2.1 Marketing development planning of Apple: 

The main marketing development plan of Apple is to be unique in terms of promotion, the product, quality, after-sales service and price(Johnson 2012). There is no matching with the product quality, promotion, after-sales service for Apple with other firms. However, it can be seen that the price is higher or even double than other competitions (Baker 2014). The unique selling point here is technological advancement. Marketing development planning here is to present the firm as an advanced and one-step-ahead company in a type of technological and electrical and such related products.  The main marketing development plan, therefore, is about gaining competitive advantage by providing a product that can satisfy all the requirements of consumers. This is done in Apple by means of positioning it as the number 1 innovative firm, developing business and marketing objective, developing strategies to achieve them, making tactics and planning and at last executing all the previous activities(Armstrong 2014)

2.2 Internal Critical Success Factors of Apple

There are several factors, which play a vital role in the internal part of the organization for generating success and are better known as the internal critical success factors (Gomes 2013). The critical success factors are of two types – internal and external. The success factors determine the level of an organization's success and failure in the business as they regulate the parameters of performance and economic activities of the organization with respect to their interaction with the customers. The customers ultimately fix their choice on the basis of organizations internal critical success factors without even realizing them (Ram 2013). 

The internal CSF collectively brings in the customers and takes the benefit of customer-seller relationship for corporate purpose. The factors help Apple in creating a long-term relationship on healthy business terms which ultimately gives stability to Apple’s business growth, especially in the development of their international marketing techniques.

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