Information System Management Standard Chartered Bank
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Information System Management Standard Chartered Bank


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This coursework assignment challenges you to apply the concepts and ideas  associated with information systems that you have learned during the module to  a real business setting. The business setting is an organisation of your choice.  It is critical to link the strategic situation of the business in terms of its goals and  challenges, with the application of state-of-the-art information systems as  enablers of business success. 

It has been said that since 2010 the digital revolution in business has gathered  pace, so that it is now virtually impossible to manage an effective medium to  large enterprise without an integrated suite of information systems. You will  review the situation for the business of your choice in the light of this statement. You are required to write a business report that is an analysis of the strengths  and weaknesses of the information systems in the organisation that you have  chosen.


Executive Summary

Information systems in an organization can be a source of competitive advantage. Particularly in the banking industry, having robust IT systems and technology can help to boost client acquisition, improve customer experience and help to retain customers. This report is based on Standard Chartered Bank which is a leading UK bank with has branches across the world. In this report, the different IT systems used in the bank are discussed along with the business benefits of the systems being discussed. Also, the key strengths as well as vulnerabilities of the systems are discussed. This report is divided into multiple sections. First section provides a brief background of the organization. The next provides a detailed analysis of the bank's IT systems, the strength and vulnerabilities of the systems. The next section concludes the discussion and summarizes the key recommendations out of the analysis.



About the Company

Standard Chartered Bank is a British multinational company located in UK, England. It provides financial and banking services. It manages a network of over 1200 outlets and branches (comprising of joint ventures, associates and subsidiaries) over 70 countries and have around 87000 users (Jane,2017). It is a global bank with operations in treasury, institutional and corporate banking and consumer services. Though it has base in UK, it does not carry out retail banking in the UK and over 90% of its profit generate from Middle East, Africa and Asia.

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