Individual Assessment 3 –Strategic Marketing Proposal
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Individual Assessment 3 –Strategic Marketing Proposal


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You are the Marketing Development Team of a global organisation. Your team is to plan for an integrated  marketing communications launch of a new product.    

You are required to  

  1. choose a brand category you would like to represent and select one new product under the category 
  2. Choose at least 2 key marketing theories to discuss the new direction for the brand and integrate and  discuss in depth in your report  
  3. Identify a new strategic brand position using Ansoff's matrix and offer a new strategic marketing plan  focussing on either offensive or defensive strategies 



Companies utilize integrated marketing approach to generate a unified and faultless experience to manage customer interaction with the brand or organization. It melds together all the aspects of the marketing communication techniques to a common goal in promoting a product category of the brand. This would ensure that there is consistency across the information shared throughout the marketing channels. In this report, as a pre-emptive to the integrated communication plan, specialty goods category is selected. The brand selected is Apple and the new product chosen is a low-priced MacBook. Based on the two marketing theories – brand equity and targeting strategies, the brand direction for this new product is analysed. An Ansoff matrix is used to determine the brand positioning and a strategic marketing plan is developed to showcase the suitable offensive and defensive strategies for the low-priced MacBook.


Apple Products

Apple employs differentiation as a key strategy to enhance its market demand with the inclusion of unique and attractive products suiting customer requirements (Moreno, 2015). Despite intense competition in the technology front, Apple is successful in generating demand for its products, pricing power, innovativeness, brand loyalty and hyper generated around its new product launchers. Apple currently focuses on customers with the willingness to pay premium prices which has developed a barrier for new entrants. Apple adopts a retailing strategy called 'minimum advertised price' (MAP) which restricts retailers to advertise products below a specific minimum price (Burgess, 2013). This strategy ensures that retailers are not in direct competition with Apple-owned stores. However, analysts expect this situation to turnaround due to competition resulting in the loss of competitive advantage as the developed markets are saturated. Under such circumstances, the introduction of a low-priced MacBook is a viable choice.

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