India’s Policy on Women, 2016
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India’s Policy on Women, 2016


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Assessment Task 3: Policy Briefing

This task requires students to write a policy brief on any ONE chosen social issue. 

Word limit: 1000 words (A variation of 10+/- %)

Value: 25%

Due date:18 june

Apa6 reference style, no grammer spelling mistake, follow everything which is in this ppt, 8 peer reviewed journal or article, no plagiarism copy paste thing because it has turnitin submission, no use of web page or internet google.

Rationale of the task: 

A policy briefing tests your ability to identify and describe concisely the key issues, existing policy options, identify the gaps and make recommendations on the best option. The skills you acquire are: capacity for summarising complex social problems in a concise fashion, to review and evaluate complex policy options and recommendations.


The National Policy on Women, 2016 is a draft policy which has been prepared by the Ministry of Child and Women Development of the Government of India. The policy is a purported revision of the previously implemented policy of 2001 and has bought a host of changes the government aims to implement to uplift women. The government's priority in this policy is to provide a support and redressal system to women from the outset of their life, i.e. through pre and post-natalprotection. Secondly, the policy is also aiming to focus on education and nutrition and aims to provide avenues to ensure that basic needs of women are met. Geriatric health services have also been focused on along with broadening of employment avenues and ensuring equality in the field of work (Ministry of Women and Child Development, 2016).


Outline, Definition and History of the Issue

Gender discrimination has been a point of contention for policy makers in the country ever since India acquired independence from its colonial oppressors. While people around the nation heralded their new-found freedom and hoped the future would be aland which implemented the constitutionally granted principle of equality in all regards, the reality is that the reality is in stark contrast to the vision our citizens had at the beginning of this nation's sovereign march. Women in India – to this day – face inequalities which function at a multidimensional level, the effect of which is the crushing dominance of patriarchal structures which hinders women to lead a life of dignity in many instances, which is the core issue the policy aims to address.The issue of gender bias essentially metastasizes into seven different forms of discrimination towards women, which can be classified as mortality, natality, basic facility, special opportunity, professional, ownership and household inequality (Sen, 2001). In other words, women aren't allowed to enjoy the principles of equality and equity in the most primitive aspects of life, and the bias often leads to a life-or-death situation with foeticide and infanticide of the girl child, while in later stages they are denied educational and employment opportunities and even if they do undertake such ventures, they are harassed at different stages of their journey (Jha & Nagar, 2015). These exclusive tenets aim to serve as the definition of the issue so propounded.

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