Implementation of Business Expansion Growth Strategy in Honest Burgers Ltd in India
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Implementation of Business Expansion Growth Strategy in Honest Burgers Ltd in India


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Individual analysis of implications of a chosen business strategy for strategic HRM in the case organisation, including recommendations.


Executive Summary

This report aims at presenting the implications of the business expansion of Honest Burgers Ltd. in India on SHRM of the company. In addition to this, the report also presents recommendations for improving the human resource functions and competency domains for ensuring the success of business expansion in India. The fast-food sector has encompassed a wide range of competitors that require the company to implement effective business strategies which integrate customer relationship management tactics and human resource management tactic along with ensuring sustainable growth. Hence, the expansion of business into the new market with the help of examination of the level of competition as well as growth opportunities facilitate the fulfillment of the business objectives. International expansion strategy can contribute to the acceleration of the sales growth of the Honest Burgers with the help of capturing new customer segment and sharpening its competitive edge in the market.


The expansion of business in India can prove to be beneficial for Honest Burgers as the company can offer varied British burgers such as free-range Chicken, Beef burgers and market vegetables along with the HRM strategies, and other core business tactics. These need to be in aligned with macro-environmental factors of the business of the target market for attaining increased growth with the help of business expansion. This will helps in leveraging the benefits concerned with the proposed growth strategy with the help of expanding into the Indian market. It is considered essential to manage the human resource function adequately and formulate HRM practices in alignment with the socio-cultural factors of the target market. Technological development, transformation in demographics, internationalization context, political and economic environments need to be considered while the development of human resource strategies in the context of the target market. It has been observed that Honest Burgers need to build human resource policies for creating value for the company with the help of enhancing the efficacy of the line managers along with enriching individual abilities of the employees.

It has been examined that the cultural barriers, legal issues and ethical issues often hinder the growth and sustainability of the business during the process of internationalization. Thus, cultural barriers need to be eliminated from the business environment while building local and global teams as well as designing training programs. It is also evaluated that Honest Burgers should consider legal and cultural environment while designing effective strategies for the recruitment of key personnel for local units in India. It has been investigated that there are varied factors are influencing the sustainability and sales growth of the fast food sector in India such as the focus on the use of biodegradable and eco-friendly products. It has been found that the alignment of SHRM with the legal requirements of the Indian market will facilitate the strengthening of the market position of the company. Further, it has been suggested to the senior management of the company to provide cross-cultural training and implement the effective practices of CSR for the purpose of attaining success in the Indian market. 

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