Impact of the use of Biochar in Soil
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Impact of the use of Biochar in Soil


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The article I want to use for the popular article is also attached. The topic of my research is assessment of biochar influence on water holding capacity. I have also attached a copy of my research proposal for the topic to give a better insight of the topic. 



The article selected has focused on the impact of the use of biochar in soil, in order to increase the water holding capacity of the soil. This article is relevant to our research as it revolves around sustainable agriculture. Biochar is one of the most effective sustainable ways that will help farmers to improve the quality of their soil. This article will contribute towards my area of research, as it has quantified the influence of biochar by using different percentages of biochar on the physical properties of soil by considering variables in soil. This will help to know that what percentage of biochar has an impact on what kind of soil and till what extent. This article has taken into consideration different factors related to soil like, soil moisture content, capacity of the field, capacity of water, and bulk density. Therefore, a detailed analysis can be undertaken with the help of this article and vast knowledge related to biochar and its impact on soil can be gathered. The targeted audience of this article include scientists as well as the planners and regulators of sustainable agriculture and the final implementers that are, farmers. This article will help them to decide over their future actions in order to improve the quality of the soil.


Popular Article

The use of biochar has a positive impact on the physical properties of the soil. The impact of biochar differs from soil to soil and also, on the basis of the amount of biochar used. Biochar is being used for soil improvement as well as for carbon sequestration process, adding value to the environment. In case of soil improvement, the impact highly depends on the type of soil, especially when we talk about the hydrology of soil. This is so because it has been found out that the soils that are low in silt shows higher hydrological response towards the treatment of biochar. The soil that is high in silt does not respond positively towards the biochar treatment. When the application rate of biochar is minimum that is 0.1%, then the change in soil is also minimal. In the same manner, as the application rate of biochar is increased to 2.5% the impact on soil improvement is also increased (Peake, Reid, & Tang, 2014). This reflects the positive relationship being shared between the biochar application and the improvement in soil.

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