Impact of AI in Asia Pacific: Two Case Studies
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Impact of AI in Asia Pacific: Two Case Studies


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Criterion 1: Evaluate a minimum of two impact issues using at least two countries (50% weight)

Criterion 2: Engagement with the relevant theoretical and academic literature (25% weight)

Criterion 3: Clear essay structure with introduction, body with paragraphs, and conclusion (10% weight)

Criterion 4: Clear and concise expression (5% weight)

Criterion 5: Correct, consistent in-text referencing and reference list (Harvard style – follow SCU Harvard Lib Guide) (5% weight)

Criterion 6: Innovative use of visual devices (e.g. figures, tables) (5% weight)



Tourism is one of the important industries of a global economy. The tourism industry generates billion dollars in terms of revenue along with creating millions of jobs across the world. Tourism can be defined as the set of different socio-economic activities that are carried out by or for tourists (Zaei & Zaei, 2013). The study conducted by Greiner (2010) indicates that tourism is an integral element of an economy that supports the economic development. The author, on the other hand, also stated that tourism is associated with both the social and environmental impacts (Greiner, 2010). In this context, this paper will focus on discussing the two current impact issues (both positive and negative) with the examples from 2 Asia Pacific countries. The paper will also focus on comparison of the issues in two different geographical contexts. The two Pacific Asian countries that have been chosen for this paper include Malaysia and Japan. Malaysia is one of the Southeast Asian countries that occupy some part of the island of Borneo and Malay Peninsula (wonderfulmalaysia, 2018). The country is widely known for its rainforests and beaches.  Japan is an East Asian Island country in the Pacific Ocean. It stretches from Okhotsk Sea in North to Philippine Sea in South (Japan Guide , 2019). The paper will discuss the positive and negative aspects of tourism in the context of economic issues and environmental issues.



Tourism industry has become one of the important industries in almost all the countries. The tourism industry contributes in economic and social development of people, however is also accompanied with both positive and negative impacts. In order to understand the tourism industry, it is essential to determine both the positive and negative aspects associated with the same.

Zaie & Zaei (2013) in their study focused on the impact of tourism in terms of social and economic benefits. The author clearly stated that tourism contributes in the overall growth of the economic region.  Some of the major economic benefits that were highlighted include the creation of jobs, infrastructure improvement and development of small and medium sized firms (Zaei & Zaei, 2013) For example: taking the case of an Asia Pacific country – Malaysia, the study conducted by Mazumdar, Ahmed & Raquib (2018) indicates that tourism industry in Malaysia is a major source of foreign exchange in comparison of other exporting industries. The findings suggest that the revenues obtained from tourism industry of Malaysia are benefiting other sector of the economy such as agriculture, livestock, hotels & restaurants, communication etc.

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