Human Resource Management Assessment Task 3—Business Report
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Human Resource Management Assessment Task 3—Business Report


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This assessment task gives you the opportunity to enhance yourresearch, analysis, critical thinking and  written communication skills, particularly in the areas of developing argument in the context of business report writing. 


You are required to write aBUSINESS REPORT. Students are expected to engage in extensive research  within the academic literature (peer reviewed journals) relevant to the task and evidence your  argument from scholarly sources as well as other relevant reference material. 

Task Details 

This task requires you to write a business report on a contemporary news story about an  organisation. You will be provided with the news story that is to be the focus of your report in  the Unit Moodle site (from Week 6 onwards). 

Your business report should, 

  • provide a brief summary of the news story,
  • identify the key HRM issues raised and discuss them in relation to the relevant concepts, frameworks, and theories from the Unit; and
  • make recommendations for the future.

Penalties for late submission are applied according to the Policy.


Executive Summary

The employees at Google Offices across the world have been found guilty of sexual harassment. Google has dealt with the issue seriously and huge number of them were found guilty i.e. around 48 employees have been fired from the company. This report identifies major HRM issues associated with the case study of Google. Organizational theory suggests its relation with workplace norms, gender biasness and power reactions between the women and men. Socio-cultural theory considers it as a result of gender inequality and sexism prevalent in the society. The feminist theory relates sexual harassment with male dominating ideology. Sexual harassment reduces the productivity of employees due to mental stress among them leading to reduced profits of businesses. HRM plays a significant role in resolution of such matters. Strict policy and its effective implementation by HRM is essential. Thoughtful actions by HR Managers by considering the viewpoints of both the parties is essential. Strict measures should be taken in serious matters involving criminal behavior.



The case study provided above gives an account of the employees at Google Offices all across the world, who were charged guilty of sexual harassment and the measures Google has been taking to eliminate such cases from its workplaces. The Google CEO, Sundar Pichai, stated that that a large number of employees have been fired by the company when found guilty of this issue. Sexual harassment can be described as the form of illegal employment discrimination and a form of psychological and sexual abuse and bullying. It is one of the most complex and widespread problems for Human Resource Management. This report will identify the key human resource management issues highlighted in the case study and discuss them with respect to the relevant concepts, theories and frameworks. The relevance of these issues will be established using the previously established researches done in the space as well. On the basis of the discussion, a few recommendations will also be provided on how the HR department can abolish the sexual harassment practices in the company.

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