How I Screwed Google Internship? - Expert Assignment Help
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How I Screwed Google Internship? - Expert Assignment Help


How My Internship At Google Isn't As Bad As It Might Seem

Internship is one of the top priorities in a student’s life. The students strive from the start of the course. The learner makes the solution for the queries and documents the same. The assignments are provided to evaluate the calibre of the candidate. The company officials set their targets before conducting an interview. The candidates are interviewed with various questions to fit the position. The selected ones are provided with the project details. They are either given the opportunity to work with some modules of live project. But to provide confidentiality to the company’s data, past completed projects are handed. The student analyses, and come up with their findings. They report to an official who is responsible for supervising the doings of the intern. Based on the analysis on certain parameters he grades the intern.

Let's look at a story of a student now


The student was a computer science graduate. He completed the semester involving theory and practical subjects. The students were to choose a project and implement the design. Completing an Internship in good companies provided them good weight to his resume. The candidate applied to obtain an internship from Google. He started with downloading the application form and filling up his details. He submitted the filled application form in December 2010. This followed by receiving an acknowledgement for the same. The Google responded after 10 days by mailing a link to the spreadsheet. The student filled up the Google spreadsheet. It was a Beta candidate preference form. After completing the preliminaries the student waited for some time.

Getting To Know The Intern

Getting to know a intern

After a month and a half he received another correspondence. The engineering staffing team named Hadas corresponded with the need for more personal information. The learner filled out the information and mailed to the respective official. The official responded with a thanking message. The official mentioned the student to reach out for another staff. The details were mailed to the respective Google staff by the learner. The receiver responded with the details to proceed with the next interview session. The student took three technical interviews over the phone.

The Interview

The Interview

Technical interview was scheduled and the student was asked to fill some forms. The student completed the formalities. He was asked to meet the site reliability engineer. The official read the student’s resume and posed some questions. The student was asked to implement the same using Python. The questions were from function specification and on data structures.

The Second Round


The next interview was scheduled. This technical interview was to test the implementation skill. C language was asked to be used. The third technical interview focused on the projects made by the student. The puzzle was asked to be implemented. The student managed to provide the solution for the same. The student received a mail on the next day. The mail thanked the learner for his interest in the company. The official regretted to reject to imbibe the student into the company. The student finally got placed at The New York Times.


Internship plays a major role in one’s career. Internship is also an important aspect of a student’s life. The candidate was asked to fill out some forms before commencing with the interview. The student took a series of interviews to succeed as an intern at Google. A series of three phone interviews were conducted by the respective officials. Three technical interviews were scheduled and different queries were asked. The questions included some theory studied by the learner. The student was asked to code using Python language.

Reading this story of an average IT student, I hope you understand few things. What are the different aspects involved in an internship? How to go about preparing for an interview? In case being a student you want to start preparing right now for essay’s. You can take essay help. The internet is a good source to start with. Still, you find difficulty you can definitely seek help from IT assignment experts.