Functional Grammar Assignment
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Functional Grammar Assignment


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Part 1: Theme and Rheme

Question 1 (100 words)

Based on your analysis, VERY BRIEFLY describe the way the text has been organised. Specifically comment on the types of Themes and consider the text type.

Question 2 (100 words)

Do not fill the table, Briefly evaluate this table as a pedagogic tool to teach students about textual meanings in discourse.

Clause textual interpersonal marked topical unmarked topical
Theme Rheme


Part 2 A

||| The twelve stories in this book were written over the last eighteen years. ||| Before they reached their current form, || five of them had been journalistic notes and screenplays, || and one was a television serial. ||| Fifteen years ago I recounted another during a taped interview with a friend [[who transcribed || and published the story]], || and now I've rewritten it on the basis of his version. ||| This has been a strange creative experience [[ that should be explained]], if only so that children [[who want || to be writers || when they grow up]] will know [[how insatiable and abrasive the writing habit can be]].|||

Question  (50 words):

Based on your analysis, very briefly describe and explain how the author has construed the world of writing.

Part 2 B

Early this morning I drove in the rain

Out to the airport to get on the plane

Hey Honolulu, I'm going to happy Hawaii

Alice has been there, she said it was fun

Swimming and surfing, enjoying the sun

Hey Honolulu, I'm going to happy Hawaii

After all I've had to go through

I'm making no plans (making no plans oh-ooh)

But I, but I believe love gives me a second chance

Guess I've been working a little too hard

Need a vacation, I'll send you a card

From Honolulu, a greeting from happy Hawaii

It's so exciting, why should I pretend

In a few hours the plane will descend

Hey Honolulu, I'm going to happy Hawaii

I can imagine the beach and the sand

Walking with someone and holding his hand

Hey Honolulu, I'm going to happy Hawaii

After all I've had to go through

I'm making no plans (making no plans oh-ooh)

But I, but I believe love gives me a second chance

I've got a feeling the dream will come true

Somebody's waiting and I'll forget you

Hey Honolulu, I'm going to happy Hawaii

Question 50 words:

Based on your own experience when undertaking your transitivity analysis, briefly outline some of the implications of teaching functional grammar through this song? Consider clause boundaries, ellipsis, ambiguity, etc.


Part 1: Theme and Rheme

Question 1

The information presented in the present text is organized in the sequential pattern. Here, the information is provided in the order of which it occurred, however, apart from the initial discussion no apparent time line is given. The latter part of the text is organized in a compare and contrast pattern. The text type in this context is narrative in nature, where the graphic representation of ABBA' professional development has been shown through the depiction of the settings, characters, events and resolution. In this sense, a central theme of 'coming-of-age' is subtly evident for the band in the present text.


Question 2

A pedagogic tool is an assistive aid used to learn or teach or demonstrate principles on a topic. When studying the information structure of a text, there are varied aspects to be studied with respect to the theme-rheme concept. In a textual discourse the theme (topic) always comes first, and is followed by rheme (comment). Each discourse can have as much as three different themes (textual, topical or inter-personal), which further makes the process of identifying the theme and the rheme part of the text difficult. Through the means of a table as a pedagogic tool, this differentiation is simplified.

Part 2 – Transitivity

Part 2 A

In the present text the author discusses how he has construed the text for his book in an 'outside-in' manner. The author compiled this work with years of journalistic notes, screenplays and plays. Outside-in work is developed over a period of time, where more realistic considerations are given towards the setting of the story.

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