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1. Write about what is anxiety
2. Write about 6 types of anxiety disorders
3. Write about when people get an anxiety and why
4. Write about the fact and dangerous about anxiety
5. Write about what kind of ways there for the self- treatment that generally can find up on online
6. Why these are recommended for control anxiety?
7. Write about how a lot of companies are beware about the stress and anxiety for the employees and why
8. Student(Elena) who suffering with anxiety, she drew graphic novel to get out of anxiety
9. Write about what graphic novel is, and history.
10. Write about why it's powerful and still exist
11. Write about the differences between comic and graphic novel
12. Write about there are the people who drew about anxiety and talk about an example of book 'My Degeneration 'which is the graphic medicine book.
13. Write about graphic medicine


 It is worthwhile, to begin with, the statistics which suggest that 37% of the modern population is suffering from anxiety attacks ( Being anxious is quite a normal human tendency in challenging situations such as a competitive exam, an important interview or maybe a date for the first time. However, modern people live in anxiety, that they are afraid of things that belong to their day to day life, and would hardly affect anything if not done properly. But they are even anxious about these issues as whether they would reach office on time, whether their boss would be satisfied with their work, whether their wives or husbands would remain faithful to them and so on. Such issues and the anxiety generated by these develop a disorder in humans which is known as anxiety disorder. 

In this work, I aim to make normal people familiar with this problem; I aim to make them familiar with anxiety as a disorder as well as aim to assist the people who are suffering from anxiety disorder in order to lessen their anxiety level. Anxiety is one of the modern syndromes that even doesn’t leave a child in the modern-day. I propose that it can be reduced with graphic presentations which belong to the genre of graphic novel. This work would focus why readers connect and respond more to picture stories or visual presentations than words. As a Chinese old proverb suggests, ‘a picture is worth a ten thousand words’. It indicates the fact that people connect themselves more to pictures. By getting one picture, one would be able to write a long essay. If one looks at a picture hundred times, he would be able to see it through hundred different angles that would enable him to write unconditionally. In the same vein, reading a graphic novel may serve as a better way to know the story by experiencing it. 


This exegesis discusses my research and experience of anxiety. The last twelve weeks of anxiety took me to a different world where I could only see darkness, despair, and fear. The death of hopes and killers of peace surrounded me. This work presents a journey; a journey to the world of fears and its consequences. It also suggests the ways in which one can keep these enemies away from themselves and learn to face and overcome them if they come in one’s way. It also aspires to encourage them to talk about their problem by realizing that there are many others suffering from the same disorder. One of the ways that could lessen anxiety can be reading graphic novel that cultivates hopes and healthy feelings in the mind of readers. It is hard to believe for some people whether anxiety can be reduced by reading a graphic novel, but it is one purpose of the graphic novel. There is a graphic novel that deals with a series of real-world issues that may cause anxiety. It is called graphic medicine which is the genre of the graphic novel.

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