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Employee Feedback in Human Resource Management Practices - Expert Assignment Help


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Write a reflective essay which details how one of the Internal Process Management Competencies has been 'experienced' in the workplace?


In the current competitive business environment, companies are highly focused on product/ service offerings and quality to gain leadership positions in their respective industries. Companies consider human resources as an asset contributing to organizational success.         According to open systems management, organizations are subject to environmental influences and follow an input-throughput-output system for its management (Amagoh, 2008).  This report focuses on my observation of the open systems management approach adopted by Company CG, a business service provider, in its human resource management function.  

Organizations depend on various stakeholders such as employees, suppliers, customers, competitors and society. The inputs to organizations are subjected to unexpected events and are dependent on forecasts/ predictions and contingency plans (Chikere & Nwoka, 2015). Rather than having a cause and effect relationship of events, companies that have regular interaction or interdependence with their environment and having an efficient feedback system are known to follow an open system management model (Panchal, 2009). My team which works off-site is based out of Country A and the client is located in Country B with an on-site team. An efficient communication and feedback system is followed by my team as well as the client to avoid unnecessary discrepancies in meeting business requirements. I felt this feedback systems approach is evident across all business functions. Hence, I concluded that Company CG adopts an open system management approach.


 Companies and their people are open systems as both are susceptible to their environmental changes. The human resource management department is interdependent on other business functions or subsystems (Schuler, 2000). Each subsystem, both internally and externally, has an impact on the objectives and policies of the HR department. An open systems approach in HR practices (Chaudhry et al., 2015) gathers inputs and transforms it into output. The output is reviewed for correctness which in turn generates further feedback. In my company, employees are segmented into business process based on client services offered. Each business process is assigned a HR specialist to act as a liaison between the employees and management. The HR department organizes an annual employee survey globally. The survey focuses on employees' feedback on their organizational, operational and self-performance and suggestions. 

An organization is a social system comprising of an input-output system (Chikere & Nwoka, 2015). It has to develop strategies to neutralize entropy resulting from lack of inputs or its transformation to outputs. Organizations can adopt a system to respond to signals and feedback from their environments (Mele et al., 2010). I often felt that my office premises lack sufficient space and facilities. My colleagues were also of the same view. When I had the opportunity to participate in the annual global employee survey, I explained the issues faced in the current premises and sought management intervention. 

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