Employee Engagement is vital for job satisfaction especially in case of remote employees
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Employee Engagement is vital for job satisfaction especially in case of remote employees


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The following is a suggested report format.  There are various formats in use by organisations and authors must adopt a format suitable for the purpose of the report.  A report of a research project, for example, would include such sections as Methodology.

Presentation:  Reports should be well presented, set out with an easy to read style and clear diagrams, figures and tables.  You must decide whether to number paragraphs or not depending on how this will help the presentation.  Your report should be referenced correctly.

A title page: Include: subject or title of report, identifying information about the author, the name of the person for whom the report has been prepared, the date of submission, (and in the case of a University assignment the details of the tutor, tutorial group, your student number and the Unit details.)

Executive summary: This should contain the aim of the report, a brief background summary, brief details of the investigation or research, the major findings or key issues arising, and any recommendations if these are appropriate. 

Remember this may be the only part of the report that is read if the busy executive for whom it is intended is not impressed by the content.  It should also make it easy for the same busy executive to decide which part of the report to look for in the Table of Contents if they do not have time to read it all.

A table of contents: The table of contents should clearly show the key headings of the report and indicate the number of the page on which these headings appear.  You may also like to include a list of tables and figures.

An introduction: In a report your introduction needs to identify the purpose of the report and the terms of reference or framework in which you are working. This should set the scene by discussing the significance of the area under investigation.  It should also map out the remainder of the report for the reader. 

The main body with relevant headings and sub-headings identifying the key themes, issues and topics and discussion of each of these.  If the purpose of the report is to present a review of the literature for the consideration of the reader then it might contain a discussion of the differing views presented in the literature on the topic followed by an analysis or evaluation of these.  If the purpose of the report is to recommend action the discussion might cover an analysis of the current situation in the organisation along with the review of the literature on that topic, followed by recommendations that logically arise from the discussion.  Headings should be kept simple and the content should be able to be read without these.  YOUR REPORT SHOULD BE REFERENCED TO SUPPORT YOUR ARGUMENTS AND ANALYSIS.

A conclusion: The conclusion should be in your words and must pull together the key points and identify future directions (i.e. 'where to from here').  It should not introduce new material. 

A reference list: in the University preferred format.


Executive Summary

The concept of employee engagement, which has found its prominence over the last decades, is the central theme of the synopsis. The concept has been considered in general as well as in the special case of virtual working. The synopsis that has been formulated in the form of a report that discusses the concept of employee engagement from its inception and also prompts its importance in the field of Human Resource Management.

Job satisfaction, as a concept has been considered to be very important for organisations to succeed. Hence, to establish a relationship between employee engagement and job-satisfaction, both the topics have been explored in detail based on pre-published literatures with special reference to the virtual setting to depict whether employee engagement is vital for job satisfaction of employees. In the process to do that the various drivers and strategies of employee engagement in a general work setting and virtual setting has been considered.


The report has been successful in establishing the vitality of employee engagement for job satisfaction, but is limited to present the same on grounds of pre-published literatures and no actual survey. Also, the identification that could be established as measures to promote employee engagement was correct recruitment, removal of actively disengaged employees and not engaged employees. Moreover, transformational leadership and modern management are the key to promoting a cordial work atmosphere that ultimately enhances employee engagement at a workplace.


With the global business platform bringing the world close, businesses are facing heavy challenges besides profits, and fame along with a new mode of working in play referred to as 'work-from home' or 'virtual working' (Bloom, Liang, roberts, & Yeng, 2015). The challenges faced by organizations are not only to develop sustainable competitive advantage by the improvisation of product and services, but also in the people-management aspects. This has made the human resource management role crucial in every organisation. Even crucial is management of employees who perform from a virtual location as keeping a minute-to-minute track turns quite difficult. A very important role identified under such scenario for human resource managers is paying high attention to employee engagement. A few prominent benefits already identified for promoting employee engagement is to reduce employee turnover, enhance organisational performance as well as the rise operational efficiency (Khan, 2013).

The purpose of this report would be to explore literatures on employee engagement in relation to job satisfaction especially in regard virtual jobs. The report would also delve to bring out an understanding of how employee engagement can be enhanced among such employees who work virtually.

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